▶▶Watch Rabbi Felix Halpern’s powerful testimony here: https://youtu.be/4ndfJdCTkwI
Rabbi Felix Halpern shares a prophetic word for the Jewish New Year 5783. All that is hidden will be revealed. Those in darkness cannot hide any longer.

Want more resources from Rabbi Felix? Check out his revelatory book and 2-CD set:
▶▶A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven by Felix Halpern [Book & 2 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3vRXAJt
▶▶A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven by Felix Halpern [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3QtiRkG

Felix Halpern had to die to learn how to be alive.

Rabbi Felix Halpern suddenly died but it was only a new beginning for how Felix relates to God in his daily life now.

In his new book, A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven, and 2-CD/audio series, Heaven and Beyond, Felix gladly shares on the splendors of Heaven, but you quickly realize he is focused on something greater—the overwhelming Glory of God available to you NOW.

What Felix discovered on his journey was a new kind of discernment—the difference between his spirit and his soul. And out of the things Heaven imprinted on Felix’s soul, he now shares:

• How to get free from the “Spirit of Need”
• How worship nourishes your soul (there are no substitutes)
• How personal transformation also brings discernment (beyond what the eyes can see)

Through his heavenly encounter, Felix learned to pray differently—what he calls transformational prayer, which puts our “needs” second. Felix says God knows the difference and He wants you transformed!

Felix calls transformational prayer the “Holy Grail of Living” but it shouldn’t take your whole life to learn how! He includes his devotional, Heaven’s Soul Cleanse (digital download), to help you make this change in your life!

▶▶A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven by Felix Halpern [Book & 2 CDs]: https://bit.ly/3vRXAJt
▶▶A Rabbi’s Journey to Heaven by Felix Halpern [Digital Download]: https://bit.ly/3QtiRkG

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    19 replies to "New Year 5783 Prophetic Word: "ALL WILL BE REVEALED…""

    • Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

      The most important word on this prophecy will be up on Friday. Don't miss it! – Sid Roth

    • Lynette Ragoonanan

      Thank you Pastor Sid and Rabbi Felix Thank you both

    • Snowflake

      I'm only 6 minutes and 12 seconds into this video and I literally have chills. I have been feeling this eerily quiet for a little while now. It's a if the world is still. I wondered if it was this quiet in heaven.

    • Simon Wakei

      I felt the shivering presence of God just as Sid Roth was praying. Praise to God Almighty!

    • Larrah Jay Capuras

      Praying also for my country Philippines. Revival will burst forth in Jesus' name.

    • Scott Franson

      The anointing of God is so powerful on this word. Thanks for sharing and I receive this for every member of my family amen and amen

    • Nes Baricante

      Nobody dies and went to heaven and comes back to earth. Please show us from the Bible if there is one person who physically died, went to heaven, and came back to earth. Except for Jesus who went to heaven and is coming back, according to the Bible. What do we do with Hebrews 9:27 which said, "And just as it is appointed for man to die once, and after that comes judgment," Please read the story of Jesus on Luke 16:19-31.

    • Sandra Cocchi

      A few years ago few new the true name of Yeshua, and in the last few years the creators calender,has re-emerge. The original one in Enochs time. More and more speaking of living like we are in the book of Acts.

    • Ikuko Fujimoto


    • Tammy Byler

      President Trump did not lose. He won overwhelmingly and it will all be coming out soon. Without debating things, just go watch 2000 Mules by Dinesh DeSouza and you will see without any shadow of doubt that Trump overwhelmingly won the election. They committed fraud. And, he will be back soon. Remember this post.

    • Adam Dolson

      Thank you for the prayers at the end 🙏

    • flor gamboa

      Thank you sid for explaining this number year 5783.God Bless you. 🙏♥️

    • Adam Dolson

      I felt God!

    • Greg Johnson

      You are using the old Babylonian calendar based on the moon. The true calendar found in the Dead Sea Scrolls is based on the Sun as Yahweh set up originally. He also condemned all calendar's based on the moon. Still Yeshuas return is near.

    • Anjali Lama

      Amen I receive in Jesus mighty name thank you Father Halleluyah

    • JoAnne Mazurek

      Wake Up People: This all is about to get VERY REAL. Thank You Dear Lord for putting people like Sid Roth in my Life to help me return to you.
      I didn't know about the Jewish calendar until this video.
      20:45 I live in Kansas.

    • Paul Christopher4Christ

      Psalm 46:1 (New Living Translation)

      God is our refuge and strength, always ready to help in times of trouble.

    • Jeremy Barker

      I want a move of Jesus spirit but I want justice. This evil godless jezebel and pythons spirits need to be judged. The world economic forum, the liberal world order, the evil empires and regimes need to be judged. Jesus is a god of love but he is also a god of war. I ask god to come for war against this evil. I want the mighty hand of god to smash his enemies and subdue them. I want god to bring fear and wraith to this evil godless people who do things in the shadows. Avenge us Jesus. Amen 🙏

    • Donna Keeton

      How about Dfw area I love the day with my loving JesusAmen

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