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    11 replies to "Now it all makes sense…"

    • Maria Prierra

      God have mercy protect my son😂😂

    • Cassandra Randall

      What is the name of the guy that is speaking with the dark hair?

    • P FP

      Don't believe this guy. God still answers our prayers and the book of revelation already predicted what will happen. Don't listen to this idiot. He is glorifying demons. Demonic teachings.

    • chuma nwachukwu-david

      God have mercy on us 🙏

    • James Beland

      We won’t stop this corrupt government
      We are witnessing the end times now
      It’s written what is good will be evil and what is evil is good
      We lost our youth to Satanic teachers and politicians who are pure evil

    • gardensare

      The guy's energy is weird.

    • brown power ranger

      In the mighty name of Jesus Christ Lord God forgive us for our sins and forgive me for my sins and protect us all amen

    • Rose May

      Where can I find the full video ?

    • Rashel Martin

      I don't understand the question you asked Sid. How can "the God's" influence anything g if they're false, fake not real? Do you mean the devil?

    • fishtown

      I bet the next law is going to make pedophilia a protected sexual relationships. Because that is one of the end goals for all this disgusting stuff.

    • David lynn Holtzclaw

      Now we know how corrupt our government is. Baal worship !

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