As a child of God, even your life on earth is meant to be heavenly! Evangelist Jesse Duplantis teaches from the Word how your daily life is blessed, joyful, and abundant because you’re a part of the family of God.

Service Date: November 27, 2022

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    9 replies to "On Earth as It is in Heaven | Evangelist Jesse Duplantis"

    • Crazychristilee McDoweLL

      Yes Lord! Amen

    • Glory to God

      Loved this service! Didn't know Jesse Duplantis was going to be there that morning. God had led my husband and I to be there that day, a divine appointment. Mr. Duplantis pulled us out of our chairs and gave us a Word from the Lord. We are so grateful! My husband is in healing school at the River right now. I know God has so much to give him there. All he needs to do is receive. God is so good to us all! Thank you Lord for bringing us to the River❤️

    • DoC.Christopher Thompson

      . God always blesses everybody & everyone more in Christ, when Jesus uses our brother Jesse Duplantis, yes&amen and thank you Jesus !!!

    • yunia nyabwari

      I have been blessed.

    • Sharhonn

      Amen Amen !!! Glory to God !! Thank you Jesus !!!

    • Ivy Ferreira

      Powerful service. Thank You Lord for this teaching. I love Jesse Duplantis' sermons, so inspiring. I agree in Jesus' Name. 🙏🕊🌍🇿🇦

    • Brenda Fadoul

      He is funny.God is Great with fun 😊

    • ChildofGOD

      Please pray for me. I want to give up but God won’t let me because I’m walking with Jesus. So I will continue to trust in him even though I’m struggling, I will never lose hope. Jesus is the only light in this world. As a single mother things are difficult on me. My husband passed years ago I’m alone. I’m overwhelmed at times because both of my children are autistic. I’m struggling trying to support them and myself because like so many others. I lost my job as a social worker at Forsyth hospital because I declined the vaccine. I declined because of my pre existing health condition lupus and heart disease. I was denied my medical/religious exemption. I wish I could go back to the hospital but the mandate is still in place for hospitals that participate in Medicare and Medicaid all workers must have the covid 19 vaccine. I’m waitressing and I’m so thankful to be working again, but I’m not making nearly enough to make ends meet. I get harassed and called names for simply asking for prayers,but prayers are all we need. I want to give up, but God gives me strength to keep going. I have faith God will provide. WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE! Please pray for me and my children.

    • Erica J Ricki Simpson


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