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    17 replies to "Only God Could Do This!"

    • MEL E

      I had a similar situation happen to me

    • N Greenson

      Where is the link ?

    • Modesta SIGARROBA

      That was a witch who had transform into an animal trying to stop you trying to have you have an accident .
      But Jesus Christ took care of you the angels of the lord encamp around us . Amen 🙏

    • Keren Z Star

      The full episode link please 🙏

    • Angela Bland

      YES GOD CAN🙏🏼💯💥👏🏼

    • Patricia Mudzingwa

      Jesus is Lord 🙏

    • Isaiah Eli

      Jesus is coming, the season is now!! Amen. God is merciful. He always forgives. Never be ashamed to take your failures to him. He is for you, not against you! God is with you in the storm. He knows your troubles, he hears you! He is for you, on your side, always! It may feel silent at times, but he’s holding you close! May the Lord return soon! We are drawing closer. He is coming! Believe and trust in the Lord, you will be saved. Period. May the Lord bless you all! Hang in there family. Stay strong. It is not easy following the Lord. We are scoffed at. We give up our earthly dreams, our fleshly desires. What the enemy offers is short lived, but heaven is forever! Life may seem or be unfair, but God is with you! Always remember that. Things may get better or worse for you, but a kingdom awaits you! Finish the race! Repent daily and carry your cross. This world is fading fast. Your troubles are temporary! New channel here, I’d appreciate any kind of support. Don’t give up! God loves you so much! So do I. The Lord bless you!

    • Brookelynn Paige

      2 Peter 2:1

      “But there were false prophets also among the people, even as there shall be false teachers among you, who privily shall bring in damnable heresies, even denying the Lord that bought them, and bring upon themselves swift destruction.”

    • Andrea Horn

      Whoa! I had an owl do that to me , thought I was going to hit it as it was right in front of my windshield… I didn’t swerve because I’ve been in bad car accidents and live in the country.

    • Dan C.

      These wing nuts will say anything. How much $$ did the host ask people to donate after this.

    • John Cheatham

      God is a man made myth and these guys are trading on the power of this cult.

    • David Pack

      It wasn't God it was nature you car made a mouse or small prey animal move and the red tail hawk attack

    • oh

      I believe this man.

      …as much as he believes the prophets of all the other gods, that are saying similar things.

    • Guthrie Clower

      People who have not had an encounter with the spirit of God might not understand this, but it sure does seem when God imparts something he accompanies it with an encounter such as this bird at times.

    • JET Skechers

      Hey,, I know how I can become a millionaire! 🤑 Just get people to Talk about God lol

    • Queen Jesse

      Prophets have the eagle’s eye.

    • Debbie Herrera

      Covered! As sure as the enemy is out to destroy ! God is Greater!! Praise God for alertness and direction!!

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