Pastor Rodney Howard Browne Prophetic Prayer Fire Of God
River Church

    23 replies to "Pastor Rodney Howard Browne Prophetic Prayer Fire Of God"

    • Sheila Law

      I realized that there is always a meeting going on in heaven and among the body of Christ we either can press in and participate or watch Netflix which is fine but you can also plug into the heavenly meeting that is always going on through prayer praise the word tongues services like these ect.

    • Sheila Law

      I remember a neighbor told me about Rodney Howard Brown ministries she said you guys were doing tent meetings and seeing some things happening at that meetings I forgot what she said about what was happening and then I started seeing you guys on ctn the great awakening and then you guys came to Lakeland and I came to those meetings and they were life changing I remember going home really late and wanting fast food for some reason maybe because I was drunk.

    • Lenovo Tab

      Jesus has nothing to do with this man, satan is this mans lord, god and father.

    • Lenovo Tab

      The preacher from hell, satans profet. The worst deceiver the last 100y, suerly Jesus will punish you. You will not escape the torment of hell.

    • Scott Pearson

      Rodney Brown repent now !!!

    • Jcarlos Oliveira

      Espírito Santo Espírito Santo Espírito Santo Aleluia Aleluia Aleluia Jesus Jesus Jesus

    • Nkosikhona Mthembu

      I receive the fire in JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY NAME

    • Kenship

      I love this moment!!!🙌🏽

    • The Prodigal Daughter

      I love watching people be touched by God! Glory to God!

    • Shanice

      Man this night was powerful!! Still getting touched watching it now! I,m in the front row!!

    • Daniel Cho

      i don't understand why this place allow demanic pastor leading worship. pastor browne reject and kick messianic jews out from his church recently. he is not a prophet and he is demanic. He is doing fire but against word of God. 1 John 4 said "Beloved, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits, whether they are of God; because many false prophets have gone out into the world."
      wtach evedance:
      one of messianic jews was holy spirit filled worship singer

    • Daniel Cho

      Wake up people. You all leading by who is against word of God.

    • Tumisho Mashabela

      Pastor Rodney's got baaars! 😂👏🏽🔥

    • Treeman M.A.

      This guy is the devil

    • Treeman M.A.

      This guy is the devil

    • uncleTOVIBOY

      THIS IS BIG COMEDY with the diabolical talk around it all (rakatakamamabababa….)!!! Even the devil can preach scripture!!! If, of course, she benefits from it! I strongly recommend that you do not trust these modern-day "saviors" who despise Jesus and His teachings and do not choose their path to darkness!! Jesus is the only way for God's light, love, truth and eternal life! YESHUA ha melech ha melachim! YESHUA ha alef ve ha tav! Yeshua ha rishon ve ha acharon! "Me and Father One!" -Jesus said!!! AMEN BE YESHUA!

    • Pawel Bednarczyk

      Ha ha ha…

    • Luiz Antonio

      I want the fire do the Holy Spirit

    • Jackie Barton

      There are tragically 8 people who do not seem to FEAR GOD!what is there to dislike!? There healing and encouraging people to live a Good life loving GOD

    • Jesse M.

      Hallelujah! Amen!

    • Mary Ann Prinsloo

      Wow ! Jesus Jesus Jesus …🔥this is so powerful

    • Jason Van damme

      There’s a nut job if you ever seen one ☝️

    • Water Is Level

      What a fucking nut job I don’t know who’s more nuts the false preacher scamming the audience or the brain dead audience who actually believe they are serving God while making utter fools out of themselves

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