People supernaturally lose weight when David Herzog speaks…
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This episode originally aired in 2006. Stay tuned for more It’s Supernatural! Classics from our It’s Supernatural! archive!

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    11 replies to "People Supernaturally Lose Weight When He Speaks…"

    • Dorothy Newhouse

      Praying for my weight loss and my diabetes goes away for good thank you Jesus 🙏Amen!

    • anitha kuriseti

      I'm also suffering from over weight.. my parents are feeling bad for this.. Coz it may effect for my marriage.. I cry alot for this😭😭😭😭.. Please kindly requesting u all to add me in ur prayer🥺🥺🙏

    • Melba Aaen

      I was healed in my neck pain, when David prayed to the viewers. Thank you Jesus🙏🔥
      Watching from Denmark🇩🇰Glory to God.God bless 🔥mELba

    • Rafaielaprincess

      Hallelujah Amen and Amen!!! ♥️♥️♥️🌻💝✝️🙏

    • Lizelle Jvr Grobler


    • Patrice Williams

      Though Jesus of course

    • Patrice Williams

      I heal the healed feel warmth tingling
      Or they look like they are electrically
      Being charged.

    • Jenninah Kabiswa

      Amazing Amazing. I experienced a little bit of this glory as I watched. I started praying passionately with tears speaking in Tongues and getting a.leading to prophesy into my family and a number of people's situations. I see wealth fortunes and a spirit of excellence and wisdom replacing types of poverty! Not to us not us oh God but to you be all the glory!

    • Nancy Haude

      I am also asking God for healing for my teeth and my lower back. Glory come down please!!!

    • Puja Pattanaik

      My god will restore health for me and my family and make us healthier and stronger.Amen.

    • rakel duca

      Me too Lord touch my legs and tummy please

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