This is the Bible Prophecy Update for August 9th, 2020.
Pastor JD covers 7 reasons the Rapture of the Church must occur before the 70th week of Daniel. (The 7 years of Tribulation) (God’s Wrath) (Time of Jacob’s Trouble)
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    • jeannette johnson

      Yep, it's incredible how fast things are moving. Great message brother.

    • jeannette johnson

      Don't give another thought to what people say. Your message is right on.

    • Garry Taylor

      Please look at Revelation 12 and consider that the Woman is the church. The Woman is not Israel, look at verse 17. As I see it, the rapture is not exactly as you have shown it to be

    • Michelle Costea

      What’s the movie on Amazon ?

    • Michelle Costea

      Thank you so much pastor JD again, I remember my parents were expecting the rapture, say about 60 years ago

    • Joan Ledgister

      AMEN pastor DJ Faraq the Lord is watching over his children, leading and guiding us, unto all wisdom & truth.
      Because soon our Redemption Draweth Nigh AMEN.
      Blessings from UK England

    • Ada Capone

      Important: trump is at the wef where he said klaus is doing a fantastic job. Trump is part of the new world order. Many are deceived. Pass this on.

    • Babylon Beware

      I wld publicly debate you in a heart beat and highlight the error of your teaching.

    • Babylon Beware

      The only typology Christ gives us is of Sodom and Noah… and in those and all you gave NO one went to heaven.

    • Babylon Beware

      You openly and publicly mis-interpret verses and words to fit your narrative… Math:24 the gathering of God’s “Elect” is not specific to Israel but to ALL of God’s people. Also in Thes 4:16-17 it does not say we go back to heaven for 7 years but rather “thus we shall always be with the Lord” nothing more nothing less… you infer your eisegesis to these verses just like the wrong conclusion about the “lad trumpet”

    • Babylon Beware

      “Typology” is not authoritative to proper exegesis of the prophetic scriptures.

      1. You are inferring a 7 year trib based on typology and that’s not correct nor can that time be pinpointed within the scriptures given.

      Where do you get the authority to ascribe typology to define and make concrete conclusions for prophetic interpretation? Especially in dealing with the “Last Trumpet” where, or how do you get the authority to make up a reference to trumpet in the old testament used under a different context, a trumpet made by a man and blown by a man and correlate that to being the 1st trumpet in relation to the “Last trumpet” where there is a shout, a blast, and the resurrection? As if the “last trumpet” is not apart of the 7 strumpet blast blown by the angels in heaven?

    • Lisa Schroedel

      Maybe the most valuable information on the internet. Excellent teaching. Trust in the Lord Jesus Christ and accept His free gift of Salvation today. People, be ready!

    • Steve Gold

      Rapture, not gonna happen…. complete misreading of Scripture…no rapture, no great trib, no millennium, no Anti christ, no beast, no of that stuff….all the work on this earth was done on a cross 2000 years ago…the only reason Jesus is coming back is to gather the saints…then judgment, then new heaven and new earth, that's it folks….Jesus will come back when you don't expect…as in the days of Noah….

    • Mik St Austin

      Great teach but I'm concerned that there is so much teaching with scriptual arguments against pre tribulation rapture. It becomes difficult to discern what is actually correct since the scriptures are interpreted in different ways by so many teachers.
      When we look at World events we can see the "labour pains" becoming more frequent, more intense yet the church pray so much for peace here, peace there and for wars to end. Jesus himself said there would be wars so it makes sense he also expected people to die and suffer. Perhaps a better united prayer would be in agreement with John…."nevertheless, come Lord Jesus." This is a prayer most Christians don't like because in truth they love this World too much. I,d be happy to leave now so I will say AMEN to John's prayer but in all honesty I wish the scriptures concerning these times had not been so arguable.

    • Nicks TaxFree

      In John 7:16 Jesus said: "My doctrine is not mine, but his that sent me". If Jesus himself was constrained to teach only what he heard from the Father, why is it that so many preachers think it is OK to NOT preach exactly what Jesus taught? Looking at what Jesus taught in the parable of the "Wheat & Tares" in Matt. 13:24-30 Jesus said don't pull up the tares, for you might also uproot some wheat. Let them grow together until the harvest. This parable has an explanation in verses 36-43, thus we know the wheat are the children of God and the tares were sown by Satan and in verses 39,40 we learn the Harvest is at the end of the age, or end of the World in the KJV. There is found no pre-harvest of God's children what Jesus taught here. 4 times Jesus said the Resurrection will be "at the last day" in John 6:39,40,44 and 54. Rev. 22:11-12 He that is unjust, let him be unjust still… he that is righteous, let him be righteous still. And behold I come quickly, my reward is with me to give to every man according to his work. Paul said the man who preaches another gospel let him be accursed. Please only teach what came out of Jesus mouth, and then you will be blessed of God.

    • Sarah Nelson - Praise Parodies

      Jesus returns on a cloud to reap His harvest at/after the 7th trump, in Revelation 14 🙌🏻🥳🥰

    • Francisco Guevara

      Error…error….deception….no such thing as a pre trib rapture….did you do real research…originally, it was jesuit priests that invented the lie back during the great reformation…here is the TRUTH about the rapture..
      And there is a spiritual meaning as well, if you are taken it is as if you are taken by someone that you love or are impressed with, but which the vid for the real literal rapture. GOD Bless!

    • Tommy D

      Sorry JD. not a single text you have cited proves pre-trib. You are a false teacher and your followers may fall away when they are not raptured when the tribulation happens.

    • Kristen Spencer

      That bit about the bride lifted up in a chair during her wedding is actually shown in the 1971 movie Fiddler on the Roof. When the Tevye's eldest daughter is married to the tailor.

    • Florence Roberts

      I agree wholeheartedly!!! We are soon going home!

    • Faith Hope Love

      Maranatha! Lord come soon
      We, your children are waiting for you

    • Antonio Rivera Argüello

      😂 Pastor will be preaching this till Antichrist is. What will he say then❓ Bible is clear. After the tribulation of those days. After. Not before You shall see the coming of the son of man in the clouds to gather his elect. He comes in the last Trumpet. We shall be here for the first 6. Antichrist will make war with the Saints and overcome them. Pre Trib is false doctrine. Open your eyes. God Bless..

    • Julie Tews

      But I thought it was the 7 year covenant and the 2nd 3.5 years is the time of tribulation when the antiChrist breaks the covenant?

    • Anna

      SOMEONE needs to correct this man! 😳

      Just LOOK at THIS and note, I have gone right through Farag's Geneva Bible "new revelation" and the irony is, that contrary to his boastful claims, even his "proof text" IN the Geneva Bible contradicts his claims – ESPECIALLY the FOOTNOTES on it(which he evidently overlooked)


      My FAV🤗RITE part in the Jewish Wedding of "Before the Wrath." The Br👰de is lifted up & Carried away!!!🙌🏽🕊🙌🏽Thank You Yeshua!

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