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Pastor JD talks about how the Lord always prepares us ahead of time for tougher trials that He knows are coming our way, then celebrates communion at the conclusion.
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    9 replies to "Preparation for Tougher Times Ahead – JD Farag"

    • Rika Greyling

      I missed you!!!

    • Stephen Golden

      Like Jeremiah new testament elect will be betrayed by family and fellow brethren. Mathew 24:10. But as we see these things happening even now, look up our redemption draws near. Luke 21:31

    • Teresa Walker

      May the God of hope fill us with all joy and hope in believing we can abound in hope by the power (dunamis) of His Spirit within us. " It is written.

    • Bernadine Stanfield

      Glad you are back,many blessings

    • Sarah Kennedy

      I often feel sorry for God's elect as so much pain and suffering and lonliness. Yes I just want to hug Jeremiah and help him.

    • Sarah Kennedy

      It seems at times God has more love and care for the evil ones than his own? He really punishes his own yet has more grace over the evil who persecute them. I find it hard.

    • PoOsIe FaRt

      Your talking about me

    • light unto the people ministry's

      Last generation
      Revelation 12 sign
      Psalms 90
      Fig tree
      Women in travail d

    • The Uncle Jesus Show

      Behold, The Lord has something for You

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