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    16 replies to "Queen Elizabeth's Last Amazing Act Before She Died"

    • Lenore Baugh


    • eaglehaus

      Make a bloody video to post one sentence ?
      These ppl are making a fool of others.

    • Daniel Banic

      The prime minister already broke the fraking laws and wants oil production to start on her waters so thats a good start that she moving in Gods direction but she still has a lot to do to convince everyone she won't bow down to the Globalist like Boris Johnson who sold out and God had to push him out of power. Mess with God and you'll get justice.

    • Deborah truthwillsetyoufree

      Liz Truss said she was going to get rid of the remaining EU laws that are still in place, a good thing. People are coming here on boats by the thousands, most of them have no claim to asylum and we cannot do anything about it. EU human rights laws protect criminals more than law abiding citizens.

    • Robert Murphy

      Liz Truss is the "Young Global Leader" of Klaus Schwab's World EVIL Forum

    • Darren

      The last thing we need is a Prime Minister that emulates Maggie Thatcher!

    • Emma Tan

      what a prophetic!

    • Jonathan CD Peter

      Group The Daily Reading Gouspl.
       God bless you for your Reluiges Responsbility Keep Praying for the Unity Of 7 Deferent Church Ministry's Around The Earth Because You Are The Royal Prayer Wrorrior also Keep me in your prayer with your Prayer Wrorrior's.

      One day I will Share my Words of Prayer because Our Enemies are Around Us remember the words of Lord our God Jesus Christ you must keep your Self Like Pegioen and on the time also Like Sanek .

      You Pray on the same time when Our Lord Jesus and his Apostles was and Still Today's are Praying in Kingdom On the Hevan and Earth for the Nation's of AlAllha Israel God Of Our Father Abraham Isecc and Jacob/Israel  God and The Nation which Yahwary has Purchase with the Blood of His Son . Amen .

      Keep remember the Apostle's are only battle with the Evils Spirit and not battle with any Reluiges or Unbilever human on the Earth . 

      They only Sharing Gouspl The Good News to the all Reluiges and Nation's of the Earth whoever's blive for everlasting life and forgiveness and wash of Sin's by the Blood of Holy Spirit of Lord Our God Jesus Christ Amen .

    • Antyweszka

      I rather praise the Lord, not any human…

    • Kickie

      It is my understanding, she is nothing like Margaret Thatcher. She is a globalist and a WEF follower. Time will tell.

    • Lorraine Dipre

      Please can you tell me the name of this Prophet? Also where can I find the whole prophesy? Thank you

    • Lorraine Dipre

      Please can you tell me the name of this Prophet? Also where can I find the whole prophesy? Thank you

    • MORE1500

      Margaret Thatcher was a disaster.

    • Natasha L

      The Legion that controlled her Vessel didn't die…. only her body did. Look at their crests and emblems. We know exactly what all of them are and are into. Sick.

    • Xinthose

      There are pictures of her drinking and smoking a cigar.

    • Tony Zee

      Word is, is that Prince Andrew is pretty upset today. Because his weekly Thursday satanic orgy and pedophile club meeting was postponed until next week.

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