Zoom-meeting is van 8 oktober 2020

Ik heb geen auteursrechten op de inhoud van de originele link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gAikyq_wtNI

Titel van de originele Zoom-meeting: De kerk in Coronatijd.

De titel van mijn clip: Corona en de kerk (soms een shockerende combi)

Over the ‘Great Reset’: https://www.revive.nl/the-great-reset-wat-staat-ons-te-wachten/

For my English speaking friends: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Reset

De 14 kenmerken van fascisme (Lawrence Britt, 2013)/The 14 characteristics of fascism: https://ratical.org/ratville/CAH/fasci14chars.html

Foto van deze videolink: Coronaprotocol kerken

Summarized translation of my response to a meeting between Willem Engel (a Dutch activist, and non-Christian), and 3 Christian leaders (Dieleman, Van Deutekom, and Kuit). I’ve got respect for these 3 men, but was rather SHOCKED regarding the content of what they said in this interview. I’ll explain why. Kuit starts by saying that he thinks Engel is trustworthy. I think, however, that one can only judge by looking with spiritual eyes. Van Deutekom is asked what he experienced among Christian leaders. His response: most leaders were very much into the Covid debate. I doubt that very much. I saw MOST leaders simply doing their ‘job’. But they were also calming their churchgoers. Then Van Deutekom mentions the fact that there has been polarization, because of ‘camps’. He is right about that, but nevertheless, we should NOT simply believe all available information. Dieleman mentions the fact that most Christians held their mouths shut. I think he has a point there. But I was not one of them. I also saw some potential dangerous developments. I do NOT agree with his statement that the current government is ungodly. Among cabinet members there are also Christians. Then Van Deutekom uses the saying: “And here it starts”, referring to the End Times, when we will be faced with clear challenges. I agree on that. Engel continues with the remark on a crucial task of the government: protecting its citizens. Kuit goes as far to compare the Dutch government with the Pharao. Incorrect, in my opinion. Egypt stood symbol for the Kingdom of darkness. Kuit also claims that the Dutch people will revolt, which did not happen. Dieleman claims that we are not to be held accountable as Christians This is simply NOT true. There have been many Christians throughout church history -such as Paul and Luther e.g.- who most definitely HAD to give account of what they stood for. Van Deutekom continues with the example of a Dutch church that had ten times a much attendees than permitted. He claims that non-Christians did no longer respect freedom of religion. There WAS respect, but it was undermined by disobeying the rules. Van Deutekom goes on to say that the government has no judicial power, but it actually HAS, and some of their legislation was even reversed. Meanwhile, Christians were still able to gather (online e.g.). Kuit is talking about polarization by the government. I don’t agree. It’s correct that they made a division between the vaccinated/unvaccinated, which was not good. What the 3 are about to say on the ‘Great Reset’ will explain more (see first link). That something needs to be done to change this world is clear. Also from a Christian point of view. But what should be clear is the fact that power can be misused by ungodly rulers. The W.E.F., however, is naive to think that they won’t. We will face a worldwide dictatorial regime. The Bible is very clear about it. Van Deutekom calls for prayer, but I think change will only take place if FIRST of all God’s people get on their knees and confess their sins. In Engel’s opinion transformation doesn’t have to be about God. Kuit states that it should be about love, but what love? Transformation is UNTHINKABLE without God! Dieleman goes on to say that the government did not have love for its people in mind (regarding not allowing family members to say goodbye to their dying loved ones e.g.). But he forgets that our Prime Minister himself also did not get the opportunity to say farewell to his dying mum. Kuit suddenly turns to the characteristics of fascism. Understandable with a ‘Great Reset’ mindset (see second link). I do NOT acknowledge his claim that the Dutch government has turned 70 percent fascist. But we should watch closely how things will develop in the future. Some last remarks. I missed the true prophetic in this meeting. Passages were used out of context, and it is a pity that God as a Person was not really mentioned, considering He is the only One that can make a lasting difference. And: Engel did NOT get a single critical question! I share the opinion that polarization was going on, but not solely as a result of legislation. This interview and (its) desinformation also had a major part in it. Finally: we should RATHER focus on being a united church, especially after all the division. And: let’s aim for equipping one another. Cause Jesus will return!

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      Willem Wappie Engel des Doods, zoon van de in Rotterdam en Zundert beruchte krotten verhuurder Cees Engel en broer van de met prostitutiepanden zijn geld verdienende broer Jan Engel eindelijk opgepakt voor het verspreiden van opruiende taal en gevaarlijke leugens.

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