R.M.I., the River Church, and the River Hurricane Emergency Depot are on the frontlines of providing recovery efforts from Hurricane Ian. We’ve sent over $318,000 to churches in need along with storm cleanup teams, truck loads of food, water, fresh vegetables, and by this weekend we will have moved 1 million pounds of essentials. We are committed to doing all we can to help our brothers and sisters during this time, and thank all of you who’ve stood with us as we help many people restart their lives.

To partner with our emergency hurricane relief efforts, visit our website @ Revival.com, select “Invest Now” and click the “Hurricane Relief” drop-down menu option today.

    7 replies to "RMI & The River Church Hurricane Ian Relief Update"

    • Kenneth Williams

      Glad to partner with the great River Church of Tampa, Florida. Our Church sowed $100.00 last week and we're going to sow again very soon! Blessings of recovery and restoration to all those affected, we're in Jacksonville, and but for God's Grace!

    • C F

      😭😭 beautiful

    • Emilia Bedey

      Blessings, greetings from Cuba,⛪🙏🙏🙏🙏👍🏼✝️ God bless you more, to help more Glory to God blessings 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏💙

    • Michelle Mercado

      Absolutely amazing!

    • Starkey Farmstead

      Ty for updating us!

    • Betty Scuoteguazza

      I truly believe it’s our responsibility to warn and remind all those poor devastated and vulnerable elderly people between 70 + thru 85 + like us who have to trust and hire contractors to repair and rebuild their homes. Please beware and warn others not to hire fraudulent dishonest deceitful people like Burns Construction & Remodeling LLC owned by Tommy Burns as well as
      Annd Services plumbing and HVAC and Electrican’s. Any questions I’m willing to give evidence that we gave well over $200,000 to each of these contractors that could not pass one inspection and left us high and dry with a mess and incomplete job.
      Just a heads up to warn others how these contractors not only robbed us financially, but was caught on camera stealing material off our property.
      We turned the other cheek and gave Tommy Burns mercy and grace by not reporting him to the authorities and put him in prison, but thought about his wife and children.
      Hopefully God honors our decision not to put these criminals in prison with charges of theft by deception and filling a fraudulent lien on our only home and caused us to sell all our automobiles and everything and file chapter 7 Backruptcy. God give us wisdom and help us !!
      We trusted Tommy Burns as a brother in Christ not realizing he was a wolf in sheep’s clothing. 😢 God forgive him from from your wrath and robbing what belongs to God… It was never ours to start with.
      Now it all belongs to these evil doers working to do the same to other elderly people of God.😢

    • Marva

      Thank you for the update. Absolutely loving the unity.

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