Rodney Howard Browne ministering at Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond’s Church – Living Word Christian Center.

    12 replies to "Rodney Howard Browne – Minnesota Ablaze 01 – My Testimony Noised Abroad"

    • Edgar Alfred

      Joy unspeakable

    • Legacy Ministry

      Laugh Pastor….Lol…He he he ha ha ha ho ho ho…Lol

    • Laveena Dsouza

      1:20:00 all needs met spirit of the lord is in this place living water

    • Michelle Ahrens

      This says it was posted 1yr ago. It looks older than that bcz of updates on decor of LW church

    • hebrews eleven

      I need that

    • Truth Seeker

      Adonicas sharing was powerful… amen.

    • Tessie Dean

      Mighty and woman of God!!!, awesome couple…anointed by god.. beautiful 🤩 🤩🤩

    • Shyamala Sampath

      After 20 years of hearing TV messages of Ps Rodney I was now blessed to view n hear msgs of Ps Rodney on u tube. It's so filling or over flowing of the vew wine. God bless him n his sweet wife.

    • Evangelist Simon T Mahlangu

      Lord, please continue to do this.., I am tired of dryness 🙏👈🔥

    • Trish Castlen

      Awsome people of God! I have been touch by them… ❤️❤️

    • SuperGospelGangsta

      This is from when RHB still had the Anointing; he has lost it since.

    • Kathleen Dornian

      Fill me Holy Spirit,,, wreck me Jesus Jesus jesus

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