Rodney Howard Browne ministering at Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond’s Church – Living Word Christian Center.

    10 replies to "Rodney Howard Browne – Minnesota Ablaze 02 – The Fire of God"

    • SolarEpic

      33:00 mighty rushing wind of the Holy Spirit from heaven

    • Sound Gospel Sermon

      Praise the Lord

    • Tessie Dean

      Let d river flow n my belly lord, flow freely my lord Jesus Christ…, I worship you !!!💗💗💗

    • Bounpanh Phenphonsy

      Amen thank you lord

    • Ashish Sam

      Thank you 🙌

    • Lynette Streak

      Camera needs to zoom in more on what Rodney is looking at, we missed its focus

    • Angela Smith Giardina


    • Angela Smith Giardina

      Water Out of My Belly

    • Angela Smith Giardina

      AMighty Rush and Winds
      No Doubt
      Cliven Tongues like as of Fire
      Hailaluia Haileluia
      I Feel the Fire of the Holy Ghost in this Place

    • Angela Smith Giardina

      Marinated I," Recieve"well done"Good and Faithful Servant

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