Rodney Howard Browne ministering at Pastors Mac and Lynne Hammond’s Church, Living Word Christian Center.

    10 replies to "Rodney Howard Browne – Minnesota Ablaze 04 – Ministering"

    • Mo Ali

      LOL no wonder why the demon trump was able to capitalize this sort of crowd in his base LOL absolute bloody bonkers

    • Dwayne Jessome

      suckers a plenty

    • Alan Beddoes

      This man's language of tounges is the demonic language of demons beware he is not speaking to God he is a wolf

    • william roberts

      This guy is fake as a three dollar bill and some of you nuts thinks he's real because you're dumb………..give him your ten per cent and then check out the house he lives in.

    • CLAUDIO ELIAS DO NASCIMENTO 386.345.38visualisações

      Toque de charcot é um dom lindo cloroformio não é oleo ungido

    • Patricia Gruteke

      Give Jessica more lord

    • Patricia Gruteke

      The glory of the Lord is all over that young girls face😊

    • PM. Construction.

      Fals profet

    • MaryJanie Johnson

      ⭐Enter in his presence…like a glimpse of heaven⭐

    • Sara DeJesus

      Thank you to those who posted this. Why I needed this is too long to go into, but this has been rekindling the fire of my faith, something I thought had been stolen from me forever

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