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    • DEB BEE

      Simon tbe sorcerer

    • Olivia Cat

      Thank you for all of your wisdom and insight on this.

    • Timbershakka

      This guy is such a charlatan, and arrogant. He really gets on my nerves.

    • SkyeProphet

      Critiquing these ministers is a good and righteous undertaking. Does Jesus need them to spice up his ministry through them. Hmm. Another issue is the ethics involved in getting people to a position of faith. Also for that matter the ethics of how to minister miracles. Two very different and important teachings on which the Bible hardly touches. It is clear that these kinds of issues should be acknowledged and used as examples of how not to do it. God is not about theater and illusion but genuineness and truth. If God is going to heal others through you then that should be an incontestable miracle like it was for Jesus not an "apparent" miracle with dubious undertones. Not the result of overplaying some spiritual experience like "warmth".

    • jacque Ku

      We ,who have the ‘WISDOM of God’ need to Pray 🙏 for Rodney Brown!
      Also, just because certain preacher/teachers are running foul👉please, please do not reject the GIFTS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT.
      There is a Balance in the Order of God— know the Word. Seek the Wisdom + Insight of God Almighty.
      The beginning of Wisdom is to FEAR GOD ALMIGHTY. 📖 Psalm 103:1-22
      Also—read 📖Psalm 103:13 + 14

    • Andy Machala

      You are getting there. If God heals somebody, why are they not completely healed? Does God perform partial miracles? So she is healed but she had to sit down? If God heals somebody would He not want everybody to see they are really healed?

    • Christopher Cedre

      Physical healing is not hard to do. What is hard to do is to heal people psychological.

    • Julie Mayes

      Oh it’s powerful all right except it’s from the demonic side and definitely NOT The Holy Spirit just blasphemous and heretical

    • jacque Ku

      Whew, sad 😔 that Mr Brown plays on emotions of the people.
      He is deceived by his own words. I have been to his meetings in 1994 in Lakeland.
      Working in the hospital for several years in Kissimmee, Florida…around sick people, I was excited to go to Carpenters Home Church ⛪️ as I heard people laughing ,and I needed to laugh also.
      At first it seemed real, but it is when we lined up to be prayed for in the balcony-due to the sanctuary was too full of people line up along the walls,the rest of us had to go to the balcony.
      I was standing next to my pastors wife from church in Duluth,Minnesota. Mr. Brown. Came with 2 other guys and he put his hand on peoples forehead saying:”””FIRE..FIRE..FIRE”””
      Around 75-100 were present and the dropped instantly, as well as, the pastors wife. However, when he came to me doing the same thing “”Absolutely nothing happened..nothing”” therefore, he came back put his hand with some force on my head:””FIRE..FIRE..FIRE”” Absolutely Nothing happened. I—TRULLY believe, but Nothing happened. No feeling whatsoever. Everyone up in that balcony was on the floor, but me so I just kneeled down!
      All I kept thinking is I wasn’t good enough for God to slay me under his power to the floor.
      I just wasn’t holy enough! This bothered me, but I had to just accept it. I speak in tongues in my prayer time. I knew the Lord loved me. Later in Mr. Browns brother was going to church’s in Kissimmee,Florida. I attended meetings after his brother Basil Brown had left. A small group of people were there. Without a doubt there was a definite presence of the Holy Spirit. It wasn’t fake, in fact I actually had a vision standing in from of the platform, I will never forget the vision.
      I saw people in white all sizes millions praising the Lord. I heard sounds coming from Angels who were with the people. It was like looking at the ocean and not being able to see the end of it. That is how many people there were.
      Then suddenly a man was riding a White Horse that had a long mane flowing. The white horse was not like any I’ve seen. The rider had a white garment on with a gold belt and the garment stopped after his knees. He had gold sandals on. I couldn’t see His face as it was so bright. He rode back in forth in front of all those people who were praising God. He rode with urgency as if He wanted to take off. Then I honestly heard this:
      I heard Loud and clear:””My Son is waiting for me to send Him”””Something like this, I knew the Rider was the Lord without a doubt, but He appeared like He was going into battle. He wasn’t like the pictures that show Him as a Shepherd—He appeared riding back and forth on this magnificent white horse..HE WANTED TO GO! but He couldn’t.
      Then I like woke up, yet I wasn’t asleep as I was still standing in front of platform.
      I have had dreams as a young girl and when I was 19yo at Bible College…those dreams were very real and I have never forgotten them.
      I want to say this, people get stirred up in services as they are so hungry for God that their Flesh gets in the way. If only preachers would send them all to the alter to seek the Lord rather then miracles..then the real message of Salvation would be reaching millions.
      However, they sit in their buildings and cannot even preach on the streets.
      Didn’t Jesus say to go to the highways and byways? Why don’t the preachers send the people outside of the buildings? Guess I really know the answer, because of FAME + $$ these preachers have dumbed down the people. They will throw their money into the plate as if that took care of all those unsaved outside the building!
      🙏My God 😢😢forgive us Lord…help us to obey Your call to win the souls outside buildings🙏

    • Marei Nhoivha

      Just compare the way Jesus healed and the apostles with this. Case closed. The man Jesus healed at the pool received a command from Jesus to get up, as far as I know, nobody helped him to get up and walk.

    • Andrie Bester

      It really is infuriating to see how these stage performers apply the tricks of the trade to con people into believing that they've had a significant spiritual experience. 😡

    • Mario

      This is very vital and I'm gonna be sharing this video. All these clowns are just amusing people's emotions it is sad what's happening inside Christianity in America and they even taken this to some other countries. I don't understand why the church doesn't want to get into scriptures anymore everything is about hearing the voice of God from a prophet to an apostle nobody wants to really get into scriptures anymore. But thank you and I'll be sharing your video God-bless you

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