Join Sid Roth and Yvon Attia for a prophetic word on what’s coming soon.

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    • Abel Frank Kalmet Skature

      Amen, God is so gracious and compassionate and full of mercy. Thank you and God bless you Sid for sharing these testimonies. It really puts me back in union with Christ. Amen

    • Darlene Smith

      Powerful, powerful! Wow!!!

    • Darlene Smith

      Wow! That is beautiful and so needed. When we learn these cultural gems, the word comes to light in such a powerful way. This is so needed in americia. There are also so many Jewish gems that most of us Christians don't know. The Apostles were all Jewish, so they understood so much more than we do excuse we don't know the culture. Thank u again

    • Darlene Smith

      She is so precious and just full of the love, joy and glory of Jesus! But what a powerful revelation about Mary and Martha. I have never heard thT before and it's powerful ! HALLELUJAH! Thank you both and God bless

    • Dimeji Olatunji

      God bless you Sid and Yvon. Great show. Thank you Holy Spirit for you are real and live. I need more of you in my life. Amen.

    • corpablo

      I never had a experience like that Im hungry for Jesus and I pray for every day 🙏

    • Edmond Richmond

      I love the exposition on the Prodigal Son. Thanks

    • Julie Westron

      0:17 Oh so it did get overturned. I wasn’t sure. I don’t watch the news.

    • Adlin Antoine

      Hallelujah I’m a beloved daughter of God

    • InHisteps

      Music I heard while in Heaven, draws you into the presence of the Lord. YouTube Video/ I'll Never Leave You Soaking in His Presence Vol 11 Instrumental

    • Robina Turyagenda

      My, my, my! These a great words.Holy Spirit lead into the realm of the glory of my Father. Thank you my sister for sharing.

    • Val Loud


    • Angie Angella
    • Angie Angella


    • DillJaker M

      I got almost completely lost in new age teachings, and felt only partial freedom, until there was worship!

    • Miss B Chapman


    • Priyadarshini Dasari

      Demonic territories is destroyed in Jesus mighty name Amen Amen Amen

    • M M

      Hearing her Middle Eastern perspective is eye opening.

    • Bum jackson

      🤣🤣 sid roth was beaten up by a girl my high school teacher cried for the loser .

    • Greg Nilsson

      100 food distribution centers, 6 Gas suppliers , few trains, and now a power plant , and we have yet seen our military do anything as we see our trai— pres give our oil to the big C , Weapons to the Taliba- . Guess the Trait— fill even our top military positions We Have Been Sold out and we as Americans are under Attack.


      So many People are Starting to Realize Hell is the Default Destination from Birth. Jesus's Blood Saves us from Hell by Giving us Power to overcome Sin in our Lives, to Overcome any Addiction, Immorality, or Unrighteousness that is taking one to Hell! So all someone has to do is REPENT (Luke 13 3) & Sincerely want to Turn from all of the Devil's Lies of Unrighteousness in our Lives & Turn to Jesus, GOD Manifest in the Flesh!! HALLELUJAH!! ❤ Then the (John 3 3) Spiritual Rebirth (Baptism) takes place as Jesus justifies you as his Child & as he Guides us to all Truth & Further Sanctifies our Life to Something Proper & Acceptable to God! Just like the Bible says we become a New Creature, we Receive a New Heart!! Then through Jesus's Blood we Do his Will on Earth as it is in Heaven. He is the Potter, we are the Clay. We Can NOT Fix ourselves. His Power, Blood, & Holy Spirit makes the way Straight, to Heal the Sick, Cast out Demons, & MOST Importantly to Live a Holy Life Acceptable to God & NOT be a Worker of Iniquity that Jesus Will Say at your Death "Depart from me I NEVER Knew You". It's a Personal INTIMATE Relationship with Christ!! Then we Must Stay the Narrow Way & NOT let the Lust of the World Choke out the Holy Spirit from us. Make no Mistake, you Can Backslide, Depart of Righteousness, & be BACK on the Road to Hell!!
      Just like Paul Feared being a Castaway himself: 

      1 Corinthians 9:27 (KJV)

      27 But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway.

    • monide Lua

      Amen Glory to you Lord. Thank you Jesus.

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