Kerrick Butler reveals the amazing superpowers most believers never tap into…
▶▶No Longer Mere Mortals Package [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶No Longer Mere Mortals Package [Digital Download]:

It begins with the decision to refuse to settle.

The Bible is full of unlikely heroes that God simply chose to accomplish His plans. What was the catalyst for their change? They yielded to God.

In No Longer Mere Mortals, Kerrick Butler asks you to do some yielding of your own. As you do, Kerrick says you should expect to:

• Operate in God’s power as a lifestyle
• Activate spiritual growth that has been dormant
• Step into the fullness of your true identity

In his 3-CD audio series, Impartation of Hope and Imagination, Kerrick Butler goes on to help you release your imagination, one of your most powerful gifts from God. Kerrick wants you to simply step out of your past into the things that God has imagined about you.

Kerrick says it begins with the decision to refuse to settle. That’s something God can work with!

▶▶No Longer Mere Mortals Package [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶No Longer Mere Mortals Package [Digital Download]:

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    28 replies to "Satan HATES When You Discover This…"

    • Mahlet A.

      I am in a battle right now, PLEASE Pray I’ll see victory, God Bless!

    • Whosoever

      The only thing Satan cares about is the Cross. Until you find it, he doesn’t care. It’s when you find the Cross that the battle starts.

    • Elizabeth Grzyminski

      Amen, I agree

    • Shima Perera

      I agree. Amen.

    • Tree Fiddy

      Hi humans this is Satan just wanted to let you know that since you God's name to make money you'll all going to end up in Hell

    • Alika White

      Wow! Yeah!!! This is the kind of encouragement we need to hear! This is the truth from God!

    • M L

      Sid Roth, tell Satan that Jesus already defeated him in favor of us:, that Satan is a liar and the true members of Christ don't want nothing with liars; tell Satan that Jesus is our Light and we see clearly. Tell Satan that he is lost and his eternal torment is the gift he deserves.

    • Troy Wiler

      Please take a moment to join me in pleading the blood of Jesus over my household. I'm an elderly/disabled SSI receipient living in low-income public housing who recently, and for no apparent reason, came under attack by a personal plague of medically-confirmed scabies mites (currently the only reported case existing in the entire county). These evil microscopic parasites are burrowing under my skin, defecating toxins and laying eggs. They've also infested my home, my car, and my beloved cat Millie. In the last 3 weeks I've almost died of sepsis twice from the saliva they inject when burrowing into skin. Please trust that I am actively doing my part daily in repenting of my sins, receiving forgiveness and receiving communion. I've also anointed the doorposts and lintel, the windows and the mirrors along with Millie and myself. Thank you. 🙏 Troy Wiler, McComb Ohio USA

    • Rebecca Wright

      Amen, I received the Holy Ghost when I was 7 year's old and started to speak in tongues. It was the best feeling I could ever filed and it's a feeling that no words could describe. Thank You Jesus 🙏☝️👑✝️❤️❤️❤️

    • NimeciousBabu

      Amen and Amen

    • Nathalie Parau

      I like it, we are superheroes of Christ Jesus.

    • JessieMB Birch - L?

      God bless Isreal😊

    • Buna Banivalu

      Woww 🙏🙏 I am a New creation Praise God…

    • Gail Butler

      Amazing man of God be blessed Kerrick, ca servivor, ex Capetonian, our precious SaviourGail

    • Liza Foster

      I praise our GOD for this young man for following our lord Jesus Chirst , in Jesus 'name, Amen.

    • Marie Devine

      The Preamble to our US Constitution says that if the government no longer serves the people, it is our responsibility to end it and establish one that is built on better principles. God revealed in 1830s that He gave us our Constitution through men He raised up for that purpose. It is given for the rights and privileges of all people. Our Creator gave laws for a promised land for abundance with no sorrow added and it also was for all people, not just the children of Israel.

      Isaiah 2:4 is written on the United Nations but is ignored as a solution to what we created by ignoring God's written wisdom. "They shall beat their swords into plowshare and their spears into pruning hooks and learn war no more." Isaiah 2:4 ends the bondage, oppression, taxes, pollution to air, land, water and food, disease, famine, food shortages and manipulations of industry, etc. We must want God's will for us and be thankful for all our needs being met; He grows it all and gives us freedom. Isaiah 1:19: "If ye be willing and obedient, ye shall eat the good of the land"

    • Rebecca Garcia

      Glory to God!

    • Maria Celeste Balmes


    • let love lead

      Amen amen i receive this declaration in jesus name

    • Joel Nunez

      I love his hair!!

    • Roy Higgins

      The reality of hell is forcing raped women and children to give birth and then those children live in a world of poverty, abuse and suffering. The Trump-Republican-Jesus cult sole purpose is creating hell on earth…from climate change to refusing to get vaccinated to giving everything to billionaires at the expense of the poor and middle class to stealing American democracy. That is the legacy of of the greatest lie ever sold…Jesus Christ creating hell on earth.

    • H45rtg3fgt

      This is blasphemous.
      We are human, not superhuman.
      If we weren't human and in a fallen state, we wouldn't need the redemptive grace of Christ.

    • BB93 BB93

      What is this title? Sounds like witch craft.

    • Thomasina Jones

      Yes, there is a superhero in us all!!!! I have 3 favorite superheros wonder woman, supergirl and the flash!!!!! And I've dream of being all 3 heroes!!!! So I can totally agree with the message spoken!!!! We serve a supernatural GOD so why can't we also be superhuman people!!!!!



    • N Tessarosa

      Bind up any religious spirits
      I see a lot of religious spirit comments!!
      I rebuke it & cast it out in the
      Mighty name of JESUS 💗

    • marlonkk

      Praise Yeshua, my hips and leg are instantly healed!!!

    • Katie Sue

      Please pray for LaRee she has chronic abdominal pain and migraines help please Jesus

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