Chad Gonzales reveals the truth about your healing that satan doesn’t want you to know.
▶▶Accessing Heaven’s Alternate Reality [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶Accessing Heaven’s Alternate Reality [Digital Download]:

This reality was God’s idea from the very beginning!

What if what you are currently experiencing is a false reality?

You may not see it, but it is there—God’s alternate reality waiting to be experienced. Jesus not only talked about it, He lived it, and then made a way for us to do it as well.

In An Alternate Reality, Chad Gonzales opens up a world many Christians do not realize is possible; a realm of living many thought was reserved only for Bible days.

Keeping Jesus as the standard and focus, Chad helps you discover this alternate reality and how to live from it. It’s God’s idea and it always has been!

Chad’s 30-day devotional, Walking in the Miraculous, helps establish you in how to operate by God’s original plan—we all need it. And his 3-CD/audio series, The Power of Imagination, gives you a doorway to God’s power. Godly imagination has great authority, and your imagination belongs to YOU. Guard it and use it to:

• Discover God’s intended role for your imagination
• Learn to close gateways for sickness and sin
• Release God’s authority to operate in your life

This offer includes Chad’s prayers of activation. There’s power in agreement too!

▶▶Accessing Heaven’s Alternate Reality [Book & 3 CDs]:
▶▶Accessing Heaven’s Alternate Reality [Digital Download]:

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    16 replies to "Satan Hates When You Realize This Truth About Your Healing"

    • Ms. Dana

      All FAITH is: is just agreeing with what GOD says about something! Having FAITH in healing is just agreeing that JESUS heals! Also, FAITH is putting yourself in Father Almighty, In (Jesus), & The Holy Spirit = FAITHS

    • Bobby pearson

      U can't tell me satan doesn't want me to know when all I know is I am satan

    • Linda Johnson

      Jesus and His bride are sending out invitations to the wedding and so many have etched their beliefs in stone. He's revealed this to me also and sent me on a journey to prove it through the scriptures starting a little over 2 years ago. I've found the same thing you have. People don't want to believe it. I don't understand this at all. To me a holy marraige makes more sense than everybody is the bride. I never could understand how the Bible shows so clearly how important the family is to God yet most believe that this will be taken away when God brings the perfect world to fruition. God is only good and our natural instincts are to have a spouse to share our lives with. You've nailed it in my opinion. There is even more out there in ancient books that back up your belief. God bless you for trying to bring as many as possible to this new revelation!

    • Therena Ong

      Dear Pastor, I am Therena from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Pls pray for full healing for neuropathy (the side effect from chemotherapy) and GERD. Also pls pray I am totally free from cancer. Thanks

    • Lizelle Jvr Grobler


    • Sharee Hendrix

      Please Pray for me I am in a Spiritual Battle. Amen.🌟

    • Bobbie Gant

      YES LORD restore finances health care AMEN

    • Antionette Fernandes

      Yes my Faith is destroyed. I felt hurt

    • Peace Withers

      Always learning something new from you Pastor Chad..expecting more ✨

    • Kamei Ajeilu

      JESUS is my Special Healer Amen 🙏🙏🙏

    • Stephen Srivatsan

      Amen ❤️ glory

    • Arpad Lazar


    • Ryan Lister

      "I; Me; My" Ego comes in the disguise of a "spirituality"; which is for sale. This is bordering on the sin of Simony.

    • Ryan Lister

      You can't teach gifts people! They arise from intimacy and obedience to Christ!

    • MarkMaxS

      Dear Pastor Chard Gonzales,
      Please pray for my healing to manifest. May the Lord continue to bless you forever in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen.

    • Trudy Lazet

      God blessed you to peace strength love thank you for the the powerful word

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