Robert Henderson shares secrets to unlocking wealth from the Courts of Heaven!
▶▶Pillars for Unlocking Wealth by Robert Henderson [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Pillars for Unlocking Wealth by Robert Henderson [Digital]:

Prosperity—yes or no? Robert Henderson says when your heart is right, God is ready to provide. Responsibilities come with it. But first, hands off, satan!

Wisdom and Prosperity Go Hand in Hand

Robert Henderson asks, is your house in order? Because God’s wealth and wisdom go hand in hand.

Robert shares three new and powerful resources that bring clarity to provision and prosperity. There’s more to true wealth than you think. He also helps you remove any blockages in the Courts of Heaven.

Unlocking Wealth from the Courts of Heaven—

Robert’s latest book lays out how to:

• Remove legal rights the enemy is using
• Understand the economic system of Heaven
• Revoke the spirit of poverty
• Break free from “disrupted timing”

Prospering in the Midst of Change—

God is a ready partner. In the same way God transforms your character, there is also a process for prosperity. In this 2-CD/audio series Robert shows you biblical steps for walking in God’s provision even during crisis.

Resetting Economies in the Courts of Heaven—

In this small but powerful companion, Robert Henderson gives you 5 steps for resetting economies. They work for nations, but they especially apply to you! If there truly is a season for biblical wealth transfer, it is meant for believers who know what to do with it!

▶▶Pillars for Unlocking Wealth by Robert Henderson [Book & CDs]:
▶▶Pillars for Unlocking Wealth by Robert Henderson [Digital]:

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    29 replies to "Secrets to Unlock Wealth from the Courts of Heaven | Robert Henderson"

    • Crystal Harris

      Hallelujah! I agree to and wholeheartedly welcome and receive the decrees made by this mighty man of God. Lord, please continue to cover this channel in the precious blood of Jesus, that it may continue to educate and deliver Your children, that they may walk in their true purpose in and calling from You. In the mighty name of Jesus I pray, Amen.

    • Pioquinto Cristina

      I need help on this area! Courts of Heaven to the sons and daughters of God.

    • Eldere Pyper

      Amen I agree I received in Jesus Name 🙏

    • Emmanuel Isaac

      Holy spirit forgive me for grieveing thee and blasphemy

    • Linda Powell

      it is so……Amen! thank you Jesus!

    • C Flow

      I Touch And Agree With Robert Henderson On Behalf Of Our Family And Others That Are Touching And Agreeing 🙏✝️🙏 In Jesus Mighty Name 🙏

    • robin hardmon

      Robert Henderson is an answer to prayer. He let's us know how we can defeat the enemy.

    • Ministerio Unción y Fuego 🔥👑

      I prayed last night to the Lord to help my finances, I said I can’t be living like this anymore. And boom 🤯 I find this video today. 🙌🏽 God is faithful 🥰

    • Julie Westron

      8:21 Poverty spirit.
      13:10 A way of thinking
      Break agreement with spirit of poverty
      Spiritual being you have to break agreements with.
      20:01 Right to miraculous as a tither
      Tithe gave testimony in the courts of heaven
      21:56 Declare and decree
      23:06 Caught in a trap

    • catherine ogbeni

      God according to your word, the gold and silver is your, the earth and the fullness thereof is all yours, prosper me with wealth according to your riches in Glory in Jesus name., Amen

    • Barbara Glover

      Hallelujah Lord Amen

    • Alfred Libasia

      I Make a covenant with JESUS CHRIST MIGHTY LORD if he bless me with FINANCIAL blessings strictly praise and do his work.Amen

    • Crishanthi Manoharan

      Amen Halleluyah

    • James and Valerie Remnant

      so if you don't tithe you are not blessed ??? ..Jesus is our tithe…listen to Creflo dollar he admits it–do your research clearly

    • Darryl Graves

      Remember the word says pray in the Spirit and with understanding!!!!
      Sometimes I comprehend what the Spirit is saying while praying in the Spirit…. And sometimes while Praying in the Spirit… I’m praying other things in my Understanding or International words at the SAME TIME!!! Double praying

    • Mini Wakuffo

      Apppopp I receive it I believe it I break down every closed door that the enemy has tried to keep close I open every gate that the enemy has locked down with a strong man where the Lord by the Jesus Lord my God my Lord Jesus is my stronghold he's my tower and he is my power he gives me strength and authority to to break down barriers and to command my blessings and command my rights are due to me and Jesus name I declare the cree all is well with my finances and they follow me and they flow to me now in the name of Jesus Amen

    • Monica Joy Uñalivia

      I renounce the Spirit of Poverty in Jesus name. And i received the Power to get wealth given by God Praise God 🙌

    • Claudette Wisdom

      I thank God for The Body of Christ for some plant, some water but God gives the increase!

    • benjamin soi

      Thanking Lord God for His goodness. Amen

    • lucy Waithira chege

      God bless you Dr Robert. I need Prayers for The retirement payments Salaries benefits, I wishing my payments moments be paid the whole Amount, Lucy Kenyan County State Nairobi


      In Receive my Prospherity in Jesus Christ..Amen🙏

    • Waithira Johnny

      Amen Amen I receive the prosperity that Jesus gave me at the cross. in Jesus Name 🙏

    • Netra Palo

      Amen hallelujah


      If we want all people to be saved or if not maybe almost all people if GOD WILLING,
      We need to follow first century churches so that there is a House of GOD where HE should dwell(Acts 4:32-35)(1John 4:12-16).Please We need to obey GOD rather than men. not synagogues mix with poor and rich people (James 2:2-last verse). GOD cannnot dwell in synagogues which should be destroyed (psalms 74:8).

    • Ruby Thompson

      God Jesus Ruby thompson gypsy savena thompson NlcoLe aDAms angeLo thompson steventhompson Lexis j thompson 10777 God Jesus

    • Radar

      New books coming soon!
      Secrets to suing wealthy angels in the Courts of Heaven | Robert Henderson
      Secrets to regain yours and loved ones stolen Wealth from the pits of hell | Robert Henderson

    • Lindsay Waterman

      Stop deceiving gullible poor people! All the created wealth in the world was acquired by at least one of the following methods:

      1) Conquest by military forces

      2) Slavery

      3) Exploitation of labour

      4) Theft, including embezzlement

      5) Entrepreneurship

      6) Invention and/or innovation.

      By simply going through mumbo jumbo rituals, WOULD not bring you wealth. Buying books from conmen and giving your money to pastors will make them rich and make you poorer. Remember, a fool and his money are soon parted.

    • Kerstin Benjamin

      Amen I receive it

    • Adams Omede

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