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    14 replies to "Seeing The Spiritual Realm | Sid Roth, "It's Supernatural""

    • Yil D

      False prophets 🤦🏻‍♀️ you are so far from the truth. Far from the real Holy Spirit. Far from the real meaning of Christ. You all need to repent from this abomination. You are talking about SPIRITISM which is OCCULTISM. That is not the Holy Spirit. 🤦🏻‍♀️work of demons and witches taking people away from God and near Satan.

    • Sandra De la rosa

      Please pray for Lola and Bob there very sick they are my oarebts

    • Tracy Serros

      LORD I give you all my praise & worship !

    • Tracy Serros

      LORD, I Pray for Health, Happyness, Love to be Healed I ask for this for all the people that do not like or except me I Pray for every one that you put in my path & Myself to ! To live above & not below ! JESUS You know my Heart is for you ! I Promise to give you all my worship & Praise ! JESUS I ask with all of my Heart to see you face to face in JESUS Name. AMEN.

    • Tracy Serros

      YES LORD I DO RECIEVE ! I Pray That I Am Loaded with Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Focused Bottom line Revelation for Healing from my feet to the top of my head & to be respected with Lott's of Love The right way ! All in JESUS HOLY PRECIOUS Name above all Name AMEN.

    • virginia chon

      Yes, I received it that now, God is moving me to see/feel/hear from the spirit realm as a reality now, no more delay, no more hindrances, hallelujah, praise God, in Jesus name I sealed this prayer, amen and amen.

    • ronell gerber

      God says in scripture…No One can read your mind, only God the Holy Spirit know what you ask Him, under prayer or think. He know upfront, but He want us to ask…and you shall be given…Unless you pray out loud, only then evil spirits can hear.

    • Tony Perkins

      Someone please call James Randi!

    • BornofWaterandSpirit

      There is many people here honoring you and only one or two I see honoring the Lord of all. But zero critiquing of what is right and what is wrong according to God's Word. Our Lord's Word is the only thing we will be believing. Remember these words from our Lord's Word. Not all but say to me Lord Lord will enter the kingdom of heaven. In that day they will stand before him and he will tell them he never knew that but they will say didn't we prophesy didn't we cast out demons in your name? Be fearful of that and come clean from ultimate sin a place that was not made for humans but for demons in the devil. Yet millions will be there. Forever alone, burning. The forgotten. Our Lord calls us to be friends before he calls us to be any type of Christian that is said in the Bible or the bereans were more Worthy because they tested the apostle Paul by what he said that being the Septuagint and the Old testament if any can hear this please do the same test all things and make sure they are of Our Lord that is good if you do not, and blindly follow along accepting every word that is said but not testing by the word of Our Lord you will be willing to forgotten this message is brought to you by our Lord Yeshua the Christ God through his Prophet Elijah who will do everything that he tells me to do without question please do the same as me know what is right and know what is wrong and test all pastors and preachers and people who teach against the word of God and you will be bereans and you will not be forgotten May God lead you into greener pastures. That goes for the host of the show as well me sir let's do our due diligence to our Lord before we blindly go along and teach something that has no merit and only shows men above God because we don't work for ourselves we work for God and God does not work for us do under others as you would have to unto you love your God with all your heart mind and soul and he will exalt you when you humble yourself in that manner so humble yourself humble yourselves in the side of the Lord and you will be exalted and all the things that you need will be added unto you after you do that do not hold any man in high regards not even myself only hold God and that is it and that is all you ever need.

    • TheTheoneshoe

      Mantra mantra mantra I claim it and bless me in Jesus name, because that is how I need to end the mantra to get the blessing.

    • Carmen Abreu

      Hi Sid, thank you for all the wonderful programs you have. I watch them everyday. I just want to ask you if you can please help me pray for my son. He has been through a lot and he told me that he is going to take his life at the end of this year. Thank you.

    • Thomasina Jones

      Yes I receive it all LORD thank you FATHER GOD bless your holy name!!!!! Open up all of my spiritual senses heightened increased in unlimited capacity enlarge my territory children husband and family in Jesus Christ mighty name amen and amen!!!!!!!

    • Linda Oclinaria

      Sid Roth,] thank u much God with ùs alway;
      We have close transaction sorry so late much.
      Coz me sure of Tim to be as one: Amen

    • Magatism

      Most of this is bogus bs. If you neerd supernatural to believe in God, you are just another faithless prick.

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