God gave me a prophetic word 3 weeks before the Asbury University Revival started. I review that prophecy in this video along with sharing a new prophecy I just heard about the revival.

Watch the original prophecy from Jan 18: https://youtube.com/live/qeuiWH7soh4

Teaching on Revival Livestream (it’s in the second half of the video): https://www.youtube.com/live/4K0UULIH_D0

Link to the Facebook Post I reference: bit.ly/416k5IU

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    25 replies to "Shocking Asbury Revival Prophecy"

    • Troy Black

      Watch the original prophecy from Jan 18: https://youtube.com/live/qeuiWH7soh4
      Most of the prophetic words that I reference can be found between 49-52 minutes in.

    • matthew Farley

      Do we get to stone you when your "prophecy" is proven false…? I am bothered by those who claim to hear from the lord, those who spread that lie. God's word is sufficient and inerrant we don't need your blasphemous claims of prophetic grandeur, we have Christ, we don't need your fresh word that will perish, we have the living word that will never die.

    • STANDINGSTONEZ Sean Roberts

      GOD is with you and your family and will carry you all through whatever is difficult now – Prayers for you to GOD.

    • STANDINGSTONEZ Sean Roberts

      Our God is an Amazing GOD

    • Jordan Rivers


    • Ronald Gray

      Post a video of yourself placing your right palm on the KJV and say these words once only-> I refuse to spend eternity in hell.

    • Standing_On_The_Word

      Praying to the Holy Spirit isn't scriptural even though is God also.

    • Spirit Music Meetups

      My schannel's website has a Mike God Messages page and the Lord showed me many visions of this.

    • Joel Henry

      It's not a revival but the beginning of the great falling away.

    • hazelsnickles

      Modern Day Pharisees…exactly what happened to Jesus. REVIVAL FIRE FALL🔥🔥🔥

    • msbutterfly714

      I dont watch tv, havent for over 10 years. So if I do not hear it from Youtube or radio then I am unaware (sometimes its bliss) but I am SO happy to hear the kids are hearing, praising, worshiping, repenting, this is GREAT, and I hope it spreads like wild fire all over and up and down. Praise Jesus AMEN and Amen

    • Daniel Hanlon

      Poor kid! Chasing the experiential, not even knowing the Truth. Sad

    • Jayman133

      So you’re a prophet of God almighty who has been sent to give the WORD OF THE LORD but yet the only people who will hear it is the people who watch your channel?


      It’s about repentance that’s what’s happening. That fact that it came to a Methodist church speaks profoundly. Prophets don’t try to steal it by claiming you prophesied this move. Yuk

    • Doitmyway

      How are you actually communicating with God?

    • Judith A Disla

      I stumbled upon this video. I was encouraged by it. Thank you. To God be the glory!


      @Tonya Romig. Please reference the scripture of no revival in the last days? I find that most people are "repeating" something they have heard RATHER than reading and FULLY understanding the Bible for themselves. It is scary to me to just hear a preacher and take what they say as the whole Gospel truth without digging into the scriptures for YOURSELF. This is how people are swept away in false religions – good as they may seem, they detract from the TRUTH about GOD and HIS Sovereignty, triumphed only by HIS GREAT LOVE.

      In my Bible i read in Acts 2:17 And it shall come to pass in the LAST DAYS, saith God, I WILL POUR OUT of my Spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, and your young men shall see visions, and your old men shall dream dreams:

      To me it is pretty clear. Add to that 2 Tim 3:16&17 – ALL Scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for Doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works.

      The man of God is the New heart within each person who has been born-again and received the New Man in their heart. It is not excluding anyone except those who have NOT been born again…

    • Neil Adams

      Leave gods work alone'' the holy spirit knows what he's doing do is my word for you be exalted

    • Neil Adams

      You got something to say about the Revival' and it not constructive

    • jmb bk

      Why would the Holy Spirit come to Ashbury University now? Could it be because some students who are in the University's Media Communications Department need to cut ties with Hollywood? They say the department faculty and staff regularly collaborate with seasoned Hollywood professionals to produce films that will be distributed across the US and the world.
      I say this with a concern that Hollywood is a secular entity. Should we not take the Word of God on this? The verse says, not to be unequally yoked with unbelievers. For what do righteousness and wickedness have in common?
      Can they not make movies in the light without the presence of darkness or is Hollywood considered a Christian union with believers? If that were the case, then they would of present only decent movies and not the ones I do not watch. Who wouldn't love a revival to take root all over the world?
      I would appreciate anybody from a Christian perspective to correct me on this or consider my comment justified.

    • marlana

      Honestly, this last Saturday, before this revival, I had a vision of the sky opening. It kept widening and intense light pouring through. The word I got was rain. I was dancing in worship a corner and fell on my back in complete surrender. People were there. I had flags in my hand but they kept moving, they were held high. Then God showed me a vision of a military. An army is rising up and leaders that rise have strategy. Things have to break, globally. It was so powerful and clear. I am continually being shown that God is moving on a MASS scale. And this such a confirmation. The world has no hope, it is in crisis and it needs to be broken. Yes, more prayer…

    • Marienoelle Adonis

      I use to Listen about Toy Black

    • Marienoelle Adonis

      Here in Mauritius it's our pastor that told us about the Revival in USA

    • Marienoelle Adonis

      May Holy spirit sand Revival in Mauritius 🇲🇺👏👍

    • Led Byonme

      Read Joel 2, and know that as you read it it is coming true. And you doubting Thomases, the Lord said blessed are those who have never seen me yet believe in me it is the hour of the GREAT REVEALING.

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