Rick Joyner shares a shocking study… Christians are spending billions of dollars on psychics!
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    15 replies to "SHOCKING STUDY: Christians Spend BILLIONS on PSYCHICS!"

    • Cynthia Flores

      That's not he music GOD WANTS

    • Hourly Watch

      New Video:

    • Paul Rao

      I feel proud that I'm the child of the Most Holy One. Yes I'm the greatest sinner but my sins and iniquities're hidden for the sacrifice of my Lord Jesus Christ. I've got from my Lord the most precious pearl and i,e the spirit of faith. This pearl's made me the richest fellow. Our Lord's promise's wonderful. In dream I was told all my household'll receive salvation. What faith we've given from heaven let we hold till end.

    • cindy Burleson

      Wonderful 😊my son is a music teacher and I pray for him all the time that someone would cross his path that would invite Him to church just open a door Lord

    • Gawaniponygirl

      If anyone should dance and clap their hands, it’s us

    • RRCCC

      Not true Christians..

    • last

      Oh Lord help me to be with your shadow always Amen

    • LightOnAHill

      Sid is looking great!

    • Ky Ray

      I'm sorry but tarot card reading is discerning through familiar spirits without the spirit of God. And you can say God all day long. But which God is it that you're serving? I used to be a witch so I know what I'm talking about.

    • Jody VW.

      Praise the Lord….🙌❤️

    • Jesus' love heals mental health

      I know a Christian who went to a psychic 🔮years ago and said she could feel demons following her afterwards and felt God was disappointed in her decision.

    • Benri Murry

      All glory to our good God 💚🙌😇

    • Benri Murry

      Wonderful👍💚Good freedom🙌

    • A P

      People will go to these psychics even more. Why? Because of all the "prophets" who said covid will be gone. Trump will win 2020 and bunch more stuff that they predicted and it never happened. If the church does not repent in believing in wishful thinking it will only be going down hill. You will see

    • LORi🌺

      It says in the Bible to not do this kind of stuff this is a big No No! Psychics get there information from familiar spirits / demons. Only god knows from the beginning to the end of our lives don’t consult psychics or mediums. Stay away from them.

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