Sid Roth Prophetic | June 25, 2022 | Sid Roth Live, Kevin Zadai
Tracy Cooke, Sid Roth, Dana Coverstone, Hank Kunneman

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    • Dingy to Divine


    • Jim Meadows

      This is old! Barr was attorney general in 2019 and 2020. Look it up.

    • I Greek

      I prayed in tongues today Sunday 7/3/2022 it says corrupt corrupt corrupt !

    • Aleksandra Efremova


    • Ben Dix

      Praying for Australia to bring it in as well,Praise God let’s pray people .🙏🙌❤️🔥🩸

    • Linda Jones

      Yes 👍 it is worse than we think 💭 our government is 💯 totally controlled by CCP China 🇨🇳 the money 💰 flows into every political position. Then add the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) and the globalized evils. Our justice system is broken by Soros & Zuckerberg money 💰 they have to be taken down. God told me specifically Facebook & YouTube will be broken into pieces that they are currently monopolies. God always wins 🥇 to his glory. Praying 🙏 for America 🇺🇸 daily! President Trump was re-elected we currently have a fake resident in the WH. RED = Remove Every Demon 22 so impeachment 23 for Afghanistan 🇦🇫 & election 🗳 cheating. President Trump will be reinstated next year if now 24 is his.

    • Jermey Combs

      God/Jesus is Evil Monster Creator, God destroyed my Life for over 38 Years with Great Diseases, Poverty and Destruction. God lied to me and had always been an Evil Monster. Please Promote Abortion because God/Jesus is going to destroy most Humanity.

    • Doreen Andrus

      I want to keep this video which I also shared on Face Book to listen to again as God leads . When Kevin prayed and we were repeating the prayer the power of the Holy Spirit came over me so strong it was like I was electrified and I am still feeling that anointing so strongly I cannot describe and how I can articulate any of this is so beyond my comprehension Everyone continue to pray! Glory to God !

    • Connie Gizinski

      Oh my!☝🏼😲👉🏼How’d I miss this one?
      ———————— ✋🏼😌🤚🏼🔥🐑🩸📖🙏🏼🔑



    • Kuan Ai Kuen

      Yes, my daughters were both saying they were not good enough for their endeavours but thanks for letting me know to tell them otherwise.😀

    • Kris Justin

      Kevin called the overturn or Roe vs Wade well before it happened. Remember that.

    • Patricia Warner

      Please pray for me and my daughter am asking god to help us and with the things that are easily be setting us.Please pray for me to receive the job that am seeking. O’ Kevin that’s sound so great. That the Angels will be with us. Where ever we go in Jesus name.

    • pmarkhill519

      Glory, glory! The curse has been lifted, in Jesus’ Name! 🖖🏽🙌🏽🙏🏽

    • linda booker

      Trumps Proud Boys and Q-Anon’s are NOT doing God’s Will. They are evil, and YOU should know that!

    • Gayle

      Back in 1983 Father moved my Husband, Joseph, & me to Southern CA. He took us into a mountain retreat where a hunger to know Him grew daily. We found our lives laid out before Him. We’d been plugged into KCM for a few years previously & were lite on fire to receive Holy Spirit. We both joyfully received Him. He moved us from place to place, church to church, fellowship to fellowship. He plugged us into many anointed people that came through TBN. At different times He’d have us leave that isolated retreat & attend Voice of Victory conventions, He made the way for us to join Charles & Francis Hunter’s Ministry & He worked miracles, signs & wonders through us @ their “1985 Healing Explosion”. We saw a man’s back healed as we laid hands on him & commanded ALL pain to leave & for his spine- every tissue of his back to come into proper alignment. This man was from Germany & spoke zero English. His daughter interpreted what her Father was saying. He said he felt a heat- got hotter & hotter as my Husband laid his hands up & down this man’s back. I was prompted to move facing this man & lay my hands on his chest. His eyes lite up & he bent over placing his hands on the ground! He raised back up & bent back down- he did this several times exclaiming in German “ I can touch my toes! He spoke with his daughter & she relayed he was amazed to be touching his toes because his back had been so stiff that he couldn’t get down to tie his own shoes. At that point several of us were rejoicing & celebrating this healing of this precious man’s back. There was such a huge crowd & the officials said we had to clear this Anaheim Convention Center out for the next scheduled event to start. There were healings of every kind & even though folk’s weren’t able to testify right then we ALL knew & saw with our own eyes that Jesus the Healer was there in ALL His gloryo/….Also experienced during this time food multiplied before our eyes, toxic water became clean & drinkable. So many awesome miracles, signs & wonders. Holy Spirit gave me this decree to speak over America, “Righteousness & Justice rules & reigns in ALL of America.” Also thanking Father for contending with those that have contended with America. AND, America He has saved. God bless you, Sid, your every family member, your ministry team & their every family member. From this here partner with Kevin’s Ministry I speak God’s blessing over him, his every family member, his ministry team & their every family member. “God is so so GOOD ALL the time”! Hallelujah Amen o/,,,love you ALL

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