Happy 80th Sid Roth!
We’re celebrating with Sid Roth his 80th birthday by publishing his life testimony! 
Admittedly, Sid is a polarizing figure in the community. But regardless of what your take is on Sid Roth’s ministry, the story of his salvation is absolutely amazing and for sure will cause you to drop a few tears. Enjoy! And don’t forget to please SHARE!

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    23 replies to "Sid Roth: "There Was A Demon Inside Of Me!""

    • Ezekiel's Call

      If you are really saved, Sid, then thank God, but you seriously need discernment, because you constantly promote new agers on your Supernatural show who continue to promote
      occult/pagan beliefs & practices as though they are Christian. It's very sad. A lot of ppl are led astray because they lack discernment in these areas.

    • Rooney P

      So beautiful praise God, so many of these testimonies have made me cry, amazing

    • Jay Way

      LOVE U SID !!!!! G-D BLESSSS U

    • Wounded Dove

      I’m so grateful to my father who said over and over.
      MONEY is the root of ALL EVIL.

    • prince k Chiwenite

      May God bless Sid, he's been around for a while preaching Jesus Christ. I started watching his TV program way back in 2009 while I was living in Israel. So happy he's brought back lots of lost souls to Yeshua. Hallelujah Hallelujah Hallelujah!!!

    • Sylvia Maria

      Aleluia, Amado Jesus Cristo! 💕🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽

    • Mihai Matt.

      2 Corinthians 3, verse 16;
      "But whenever one turns to the Lord, the veil is taken away." Glory to Jesus Christ !🙏🕊

    • Susan Hillier

      My heart broke for you and your Dad. It is because God called Abraham that I a Gentile is saved as God saved Noah. My Messiah loves me.

    • Nelly Gathoni

      Sorry for calling you a false prophet please forgive during the USA election you are God sent

    • Rebecca Weathers

      Praise God! Thank you for your testimony Sid!

    • Sister Sue

      What a beautiful testimony, Sid. How powerful is that! It brings me to tears! Glory to Jehovah I AM. Halleluia!

    • Joe R

      I too was involved in the occult. I was on a lifelong search for Truth. A time came when I called up some spirits that turned nasty and I couldn't get rid of. None of the banishing rituals I tried worked. Eventually I called out in desperation to Jesus Christ. The spirits left immediately. I was baptised into the Orthodox Church just over a year ago. Thank you for your beautiful story. It really moved me. God bless you.

    • Heidrun Lehmann

      Demons are real.I also had experienced them.
      But Jesus is the only way and he makes you free…
      God bless you

    • rg flowerwhite

      Demons must come out of me

    • Michael B

      Thanks for this story very enlightening

    • Margaret

      Glory to Jesus hallelujah 🙌 🙏✨❤

    • Gary F Monson

      Thank-you Sid for your Faith, I have seen Jesus Twice he has opened doors for me and closed other doors that could harm me.

    • Brother Levis

      I love you Sid and all the work you do for our Adonai Yeshua

    • Leader Bible

      Amazing!!!!!!! Jesus, you are Lord forever!

    • Michelle Vannall

      I love my brother Sid Roth. The Lord God bless him, his wife, and family. Powerful to the core testimony.

    • Sue Yurkanin

      😭hallelujah ✝️

    • Sterling Dullaghan

      Obviously it was the voice of god telling him to say kaddish. No human would want to do anything good for someone else on their own. We dont have guilt or concsiousnesses or conflicting thoughts. If we think to do something good it is god telling us to. If we think something bad it is the devil telling us.

    • Sterling Dullaghan

      You can't be two things. Jewish and a believer in Jesus. Sid says yes. Sid says that of course you can be two things at once even though one (Jewish) doesnt acknowledge the other and is against it. So my response is to ask him if you can also be gay and a moral believer in Christ. Obviously you are an idiot if you say you can't be two things at once. I can also be Hitler and be morally correct.

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