Today I have a special video for you all. Since it’s the time of year for giving we’re going to give a special shout out and thank you to some of channels here on YouTube.

Channels in the video in order:
1- @jesusplusnothing_salvation
20- Special thank you to all of our subscribers.

Nothing is more important in life than a personal relationship with Jesus. Thanks to the finished work of Jesus on the cross we now have a path to the Most High God via the blood of Jesus. You’re not promised tomorrow so place your faith in Jesus today. For all sin and fall short of the glory of God.
(John 3:16)

If you need a free KJV Bible please email me at:
–allow up to a week for a response and please include a shipping address for your free Bible.

Reach me by mail:
Adam M.
PO Box 521
Laurens SC 29360

The Gospel= 1st Corinthians 15:1-4

If you wanna contribute to one of our Outreach Programs below are ways you can help us on our mission. All contributions either go to our Homeless Outreach Program (Hope Bags) or the Bible Ministry. As always please pray about it first and any amount is very helpful on our mission. Please include a email address so we can show you where your help went. Thank you in advance.

PayPal Email:
Venmo Email:
Zelle Email:
CashApp: $WatchmanAdam777

Follow me on TikTok: WatchmanAdam7

I love you all and I wanna thank you for all the love and support of this channel.

Keep looking up family! We fly soon! Let’s Go!

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    10 replies to "Special Watchman Shout-Out: Barry Scarborough, Barry Awe, Dan Trendell, JD Farag, and More"

    • J.C.O.M.E.S. Its all about Jesus!

      Pray for the watchmen and watchwomen. Amen.

    • Everett Cameron

      Shout out to you Adam for providing important information based on Bible Prophecy

    • Karen Wright

      Amazing list!! Love them all!

    • Kenny Bentley

      Watchwoman65 is my favorite. I hope to see her on the next one.

    • Lady of the woods

      How wonderful of you brother Adam that’s rare to honor others mine you did . Thank you

    • Watchwoman Sounding the Alarm

      It's just like you to always be thinking of others…I love your heart. And you are 100% correct, we dont always have to agree but we CAN be united in Christ Jesus. Let there be peace among us. We love you Adam, you're one heck of a watchman, I believe that's something we ALL agree on! Thank you for all your encouragement in these last days. I'm honored to serve with you. God bless you brother and Merry Christmas! 🙏✝️♥️

    • Laura Flexser- God A Minute? Team

      Check out sister Gigi at Blue Heaven, Kristi Winland, SisterInChrist, and The Kindling as well! And Tony Su, such a sweet brother ❤️

    • Alma Guerra

      We are so blessed to have all of you and all the amazing work the Lord has done through all of you. We are ONE body and I truly appreciate every part of it. Jesus is almost here!! Thank you Father!!

    • Watchwoman On The Wall

      I am humbled and honored to be a part of a very extensive group of watchmen and women for such a time as this. Thank you, Brother, for the beautiful tribute. We are blessed by your ministry and thank God that He has not only called us for this time, but has allowed us to experience fellowship with eachother that encourages and edifies the body. God bless you and Merry Christmas!

    • Hanes Ministries

      Thank you Adam for the shoutout. My wife and I love you dearly. We are so looking forward to sitting down with you in heaven very soon. Much Love. ❤️❤️

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