Pastor JD talks about adversity, specifically, that which we as last days Christians can do to survive it, and even thrive in it.

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    29 replies to "Surviving and Thriving in Adversity, 1 Peter 5:5-9 – November 20th, 2022"

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    • Christine Wright

      Excellent pastor Farag, I have a sister who I love very much,spoken to her many times about excepting Jesus into her life ,her heart is broken and now she is thinking of ending her life, please pray for her to call on the name of Jesus, thank you God bless you pastor Farag and your family and church family.

    • Chris H

      Please pray for my health of my family and I.

    • Texas

      Way to hit a home run Pastor JD. Very well stated on anxiety. The world is full of this because the government is constantly feeding fear in our lives….GOD is with us!!!

    • Sandy Guajardo

      Prayers for my marriage please my husband and I are going to work things out. He is coming down to Texas to talk and to pick me up .
      Do please Pray that God would fill my husband with Love and humility.
      Sandy and Orlando . Thank you everyone In the Name of Jesus Christ that we all humble ourselves before God and FEAR HIS HOLY NAME!!!
      Yeshua, Hamashiach !!!! ❤❤❤❤

    • Gayle Christensen

      I graduated in 1980 and live in Spokane, right now. We have two things in common, but most importantly, we have The Lord in common.♡

    • Mimi Mann

      Please pray for my son and his family. His wife just had to quit her job because they have twins 1 & a half yrs old and day care was just taking her whole check. Working to pay the baby sitter is an age old problem! A break in their water lines and a water bill over 750.00! He feels so lost and afraid. His older children live in another state and while they are older, they still need him! Like 21,19, &18 and 8 yr old! Pray for him to have peace and KNOW GOD is always there with them, and to tryst Him! Praise God, And I thank Him in advance! Amen.
      Praying for this young lady in next comment who is being misjudged. Thank You Father, in Jesus Name, all our needs are met according to Your riches in glory by Christ Jesus! Amen! We love You, precious Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior! Maranatha!

    • Ozark Picker


    • Faith Atherton

      Good message. Thank you. I could listen to you all day.

    • All Things New

      Thank you for this message, what a balm. This is my experience you explain it so well, no physical church as the wolves hate the Holy Spirit. God bless you and yours and theirs in Jesus name. Maranatha 🙌

    • Sharon Kilfeather

      Thank you all for all you do to bring God's love and hope and Word to the world. You are a blessing to many. Thank you for all your hard work.

    • All Things New

      JD I'm on annual leave and watching your prophesy updates back to back. As a lone working parent time and resources are both miraculous providence. Please, please can you put an increase speed on your website videos? In the UK your update coincides with children's bath/bedtime. Please help so we can watch at 1.5 speed to hear all the Word. YOUR speed is fine, not a criticism but a strength of youtube having this facility providing the physical time to hear ALL the message not just the first 15-20mins.
      Much love and admiration in Jesus till we see His face dear brother. God protect you and give you Peace 🙏❤️🔥

    • Belinda Elliott
    • Jane Mitchell

      Two awesome messages today Pastor JD! I am so thankful for your honesty, obiedance and diligence in your prophetic message! Jesus is coming soon! Much love and prayers to you, your family, church family and online family! Love that you shared your longtime friend and wife.

    • Lucinda Loudon

      Lol, born and raised for 55 years in Washington State, you are right, I've never heard of Tekoa, but then I'm from another often never heard of Washington town, Yacolt. Thank you for all you do JD, looking forward to meeting you in the air!

    • Karin Traut

      👋🙏🌍❤️ I'm like a child can't wait till Sundays for my Godly sweets 🙏🙏🙏❤️🌍

    • Brandon Briggs

      I can't find how to watch the 2nd part of this Bible Prophecy?? There is nothing above my comments? Or nowhere at all to click bible prophecy anywhere! Someone please help! Linda

    • Blessed1111hope

      Pastor Jd you are such a blessing to us. Thank you for sounding the alarm and all your teachings. God bless pastor Jd and your ministry.

    • Kathy Dobrzynski

      Would that I had a church to go to. At least I have online church. Much needed and I'm being fed.

    • Caitlin Stegenga

      Such a great sermon.
      We love you JD.
      From Canada.

    • Waiting 4 The King

      Thank you Pastor JD!

    • Gloria Minix

      Pastor JD you will never know until we are in glory just how much you mean to so many. Prayers always, please pray for my unsaved loved ones.

    • Kelly Rawluk

      It's a blessing to have a friend for that length of time. GOD'S BLESSING IN YOUR LIFE PASTOR.

    • Norma Lewis

      I have so much anxiety,, and I have to take pills for it,, but I refuse to take those pills because I don't like the way they make me feel ,, the only reason I have anxiety is because what is going on in this world,, but i know i have to hear what is going on ,, I dont no what to do ,, I do try to read about anxiety in the bible but apparently it dont take hold on what I read,, I dont no what to do,, I just keep praying about this

    • Carol Swann

      Cast all your cares on him for he cares for you!!!

    • Ruthann Graff

      Prayers please for my friends daughter who is falsely accused of something she did not do and might have to go to prison .pray for this young girls safety

    • spiraltype

      Creation Research on you tube is a great resource JD Farag folks try the friday night livestream .It is science and Christian based, God Bless all here.

    • CLKB70

      Please 🙏 for me n family I'm being attack but I keep putting my Armour up n Come Jesus Come 🕊 I believe in Jesus n I think that's why

    • Carol Swann

      Thank you Lord for moving in the small town of Burbank Washington, like you did in the small town J.D. Farag mentioned in Jesus name, Amen

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