Most believers can’t name all seven spirits of God. You won’t be one of those after this video…

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    • Robert Jackson

      Thank you 😊

    • MrBobspiano

      so much excellent stuff thanks be to God

    • Rhonda Kennedy

      Even though I have been a born again Christian since I was a child but really walking with the Lord for about the last 30 years or so I said that prayer anyways because I didn't know if it was going to be a salvation prayer or an impartation prayer it was a combination and oh I felt the presence of God I did it anyways and felt the presence! Beautiful! Thank you Sid 😁✝️

    • Kevin Mason-Kirby

      there are 7 and ONLY 7 ways "music" can be made…. 1. reeds 2. fipple 3. chiff 4. brass mouthpiece 5. strings 6. electronics 7. percussion (which can be almost anything)!

    • Kevin Mason-Kirby

      Hey Sid!! in SPANISH….. "HOPE" is the SAME WORD as… "WAIT" !…. "ESPERAR" = to hope/ or to wait !!!

    • Dianne Statham

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you Lord Jesus Christ. Amen

    • Lisadeyemi_Home

      Isaiah 11:2-3 these are the 7 Spirits of God.
      1. The Spirit of Wisdom
      2. The Spirit of Understanding
      3. The Spirit of Counsel
      4. The Spirit of Power / Might
      5. The Spirit of Knowledge
      6. The Spirit of Fear of The Lord
      7. The Spirit of the Lord

    • Theophelus Somkelo Langklaas

      Hallelujah thank you Lord Jesus amen and amen blessings amen

    • Anita Alarcon

      Amen & Hallelujah 🙏🙏🙏.

    • Slay Mama

      Thank you Father Sid. I pray with this pretty much everyday, ultimately the 7 spirits of the Lord is the Holy Spirit, complete Spirit of the Lord, as we allow Him to impart in us the many dimensions & manifestation of Himself

    • Rosemary Winbush

      God bless you Sid and Amen for government seeking after us for understanding and sign, wonders and miracles to be performed.

    • Rajlakshmi P

      Hello Sir, please let me know the translation where Isaiah 11:2 mentions Spirit of Yahweh, Spirit of extraordinary wisdom, spirit of perfect understanding, spirit of wise strategy, spirit of mighty power, spirit of revelation and spirit of obedient and reverential fear. When I checked in Google it said TPT. BUT TPT doesn't have old testament. So I could not get it anywhere.


      Thanks for message. Please stand with me for a breakthroughs in finances, business. Restorasie of relationship. and new house

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