The World looks darker every day. It seems we are heading to a global disaster with war between Russia and the Ukraine, now expanding to Russia and Nato. With China and Taiwan, and the tension in the Middle East. On top of that a stranding world economy, causing prices to sky-rocket, and the treads of pandemics and new pestilences, besides all the crazy global weather causing floods, hurricanes, landslides, floods etc. The moral decay is rampant and life seems more worthless day after day. Where is this going? It’s getting worse and worse! How can you say that the best is yet to come?…. Well, that is because Gods Kingdom is not of this world. And when you belong to that Kingdom, your hope does not come from this world. It comes from above, it comes from God.
He is the Alpha and Omega! He has the last word, and He will make EVERYTHING…, yes you read it right: EVERYTHING!! That means also the seemingly bad things we see to day, He will make it work together for good. How He does that? Well.., I don’t know, but I know it for sure. However it will not work together for good, for everybody. It is for those who love Him, who love God and Jesus, and those that are called according to His purposes. I believe all are called, but the questions is: have you answered the call? Or have you ignored it? The second condition is your love for Jesus. When you hate Him, deny Him, ignore Him, then forget about these promises. It’s for those who love Jesus and have responded to the call. These will NEVER BE HOPELESS. They tap into Gods supernatural provisions. They will be lifted above the circumstances and will be drawn on high, as on the wings of eagles. Soon the Lord will gather His beloved, …because for them THE BEST IS YET TO COME!
Are you involved in that number? Listen to this message to become a partaker of these promises.
Jaap Dieleman

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