Pastor JD talks about the casualty of spiritual immaturity, which sadly, leads to the vulnerability of many a Christian to false teachers and false teachings.

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    18 replies to "The Casualty of Spiritual Immaturity, 2 Peter 2:14-16 – February 5th, 2023"

    • chiAka

      Mahalo Pastor Farag
      what about Christian "deconstructionism" theology?
      I really would like to hear from you

    • V

      JD love your preaching & teaching that helps me grow in the Word. Admittedly there was 1 fly named balaam trying to distract me from your teaching, and yes i had to pause you to put on the fan, but thereafter that stupid fly didn't bother or distract me 🙂 lots of love blessings & favour over you all 🇿🇦

    • Brenda Ortiz

      I have to say this, again. Pastor JDFarag, you are the best teacher I have ever heard. Thank you so much pastor for all your hard work and sharing the wisdom of the Holy Bible 🙏 you have helped me so much. I'm so happy I found your channel a few years ago. You are appreciated and loved. God bless everyone 🙏 ❤️ . Thank you Jesus 💗 Amen.

    • Kavita Coomansingh

      This is a timely and much needed sermon. Thank you, Pastor JD.
      God bless you and your family .

    • Norma Lewis

      this sounds like the world today,,

    • skip

      Should we avoid calvinist preachers like john mcarthur and paul washer? these pastors are massively popular and so many Christians seem to be so drawn to them.

    • Tiffaney Paris

      Great message JD. So thankful for your church! God is good. ❤

    • Rachel Carroll

      Wow !!! On point !!!❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥❤️‍🔥

    • Christy Young

      Listening in Garland, Tx. I agree 100%. Please pray for 1. My eldest son, who claims Christ, but refuses to let go of sining (extremely foul language) and his anger, and now has cut his dad and I off. He refuses to speak to us or let us see our grandkids (Isaac is 3 and Ellie is 2 years old) because I tried to speak to him about the Bible; and
      2) also my cousin Laura. She was raised by my Christian Aunt Emily. But today she hung up on me because I wanted to talk to her about the times we are living in. She refuses to talk about Jesus or politics. She has been my closest friend since we were small children. I so want these two beloveds to be saved.

    • Dove

      Like a sparrow in its flitting, like a swallow in its flying, So a curse without cause does not come to rest. Prov 26:2

    • One Day

      Please lift Pastor Brandon Holthaus of Rock Harbor Church Bakersfield, CA in prayer as he goes before the Kern County School Board on Monday evening to stand up against the Gender Affirming Curriculum being pushed on elementary school aged children in that county. May the Holy Spirit go before him and his words ring true in the hearts of all who hear. God be with us all. Father, should we find favor in your sight, hear our prayer in the Mighty Name of Your only begotten Son Jesus Christ The Lord. Amen 🙏🏼📜❤️🗡️👆🏼⏰

    • It is What it is!

      Mexico loves Pastor Mr. Farag, his family, his church, the amazing staff and his ministry! Sending love, light, prayers and blessings from Mexico!!!

    • DrCarrie Mills

      Undistracted time with God is so important…find it. I found a hiking trail with zero distraction. It's my retreat with God 1 1/2hrs 4 days a week. Do not take your phone or music.

    • Debbie Klein

      Before Abraham was born, I AM. John 8:58 should be in red letters in your Bible. It is Jesus speaking telling us that He IS God.

    • Doug Haynes

      Let no one deceive you ,with empty words ,for because of such things Gods wrath comes on those who are disobedient . Ephesians 5:6

    • Meredith Dowty

      (Kansas) we love our Pastor JD

    • Heaven Bound

      Hello Again from Utah..thank you pastor JD Good word.!!! Idolatry well one of the most common one is our electronic devices..just like a tool wrench or hammer… depending on what we use it for..Lord Jesus help us to use it for your glory.. Amen 💯..❤️💯✝️😊

    • SB G

      May God Bless you Pastor JD. Yes indeed the deception is much worse than we all think .God help us to stay Strong in Your Word. To resist the devil and not fail into his lies .And be aware of his plans .The Blood of Jesus is our only Hope and strength. Guide us and deliver us from temptation Father God Amen !!

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