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    24 replies to "The Demon of Child Sacrifice in America"

    • Cassandra Randall

      Moloch already is an America look at places like the Bohemian Grove

    • Pat Nisbert

      They are already doing it and also is Talmuldics

    • Annette Herrera

      Come on America has been lifting up their children to molec and sacrificing them for years in abortion. But now they are literally selling them

    • J Stewart

      Its going on now

    • Lauri C

      This isn't new. Poor, disenfranchised children have ALWAYS been used and abused by the wealthy.

    • Jessie Leech

      Wouldnt you say that is with abortions

    • Jayne Franzino Romero

      Abortion, is what he is referring to. Margaret Sangers image appears. Founder of Planned Parenthood.

    • Sulu Peteru

      Father have mercy on us🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    • Peter Steele

      1970-2022 more death from abortions than ALL CUMULATIVE WARS from last 2000 years.
      Yes abortions have killed more in 50 years than all war combined of the last 2000 years.
      Look at the big picture and pray with all your heart, all your soul and all your mind for the inexhaustible mercy of Jesus Christ and give glory and praise to God the Father Almighty!

    • Wendy Welton

      Horror of horrors…😭

    • Phil Skrzeczynski

      What a bunch of nonsense, you make all religion look worse with paranoid fiction like this

    • Alvaro Ovalle

      Jonathan Cahn is the prophet JEREMIAH

    • eugene burk

      Praying to Jesus Christ for our kids Jesus we need you

    • Elban19

      Alternative title for this video: The modern day Democrat party

    • jesus fuentes

      In other words, abortion.

    • jesus fuentes

      In other words, abortion.

    • Jerome Bowers

      Sacrifices are part of JEWISH CULTURE for power.

      Ethnic cleansing BY THIS ETHNIC GROUP claiming they are a race.

      This in itself IS A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY.

      Who got God out classrooms…..IT WASNT black peoples. We don't have the power. Who has the powers and what country was built from 1948 until N-OW…….🤔

    • Studio Artist

      LifeSiteNews talked about this the other day. Abortion unleashed the demons of child sacrifice who were active in Mexico and the surrounding area pre-Christianity.

    • The Celtic Prince

      It's not just the poor children that get sacrificed. And they all go to hell. Might have been Late 60s in the US. But all through 50s and 60s in NZ. I know I was one of those children sacrificed. Then brought back from hell by Jesus.

    • Sam Thomas

      Turn to GOD……..ITS THE ONLY WAY

    • Larry Russell

      We are to instruct in Godliness not force it. That gets dangerously close to what the church of england did as we have politicians willing to kill those who believe differently now. That is church state and is not righteous but even more guilty than those they accuse.

    • Angel

      Wasn’t that thing in the common wealth games of 2022

    • Larry Russell

      It is a good thing to point out the things of our world which are falling short or are not Godly. However keep in mind that to go forward in a judgemental manner to regulate morality by judgementalism in government is the exact definition of Rev. Chap 17 politicians riding to power on judgemental rhetoric and ideology a scarlet colored government which is just as deadly as abortion being drunk on the blood of what the prophets warned us about to attain power and wealth,no matter how passionate politicians and right wing religion makes the issue( false prophets and apostate religion is even deadlier as these are held to a higher degree of accountability).
      Only God can Judge knowing the heart, and only God and his Messiah can set up an earthly kingdom. To try to use human government which was offered to Yeshua in Matt: 4:9 is believing yourselves higher than the authority of God and taking the law into your own hands like vigilanties instead of trusting God and causing division and strife which our Messiah plainly said such a house could not stand, makes the religious state religious crowd as much in danger of the judgement as the ones they demonize and bringing our civilization to absolute destruction.
      No one is righteous enoughbto judge others, Jew or gentile

    • Douglas Brannon

      It has been happening in America. ABORTION IS A SACRIFICE TO Baal or Molech. That is why the Satanic crowd demands Abortion. ASK JESUS FOR SALVATION REPENT.

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