Pastor JD talks about what our posture should be as Christians in light of how that the end of all things is near, especially those who are suffering hardship.

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    27 replies to "The End of All Things is Near, 1 Peter 4:7-11 – October 30th, 2022"

    • Jackie Pack

      Prayers for the lost and my family members in Jesus All of them Amen

    • Jackie Pack

      Yes there is room in the Inn your needs I am going to pray 🙏 for out of the love from my heart and I may need your prayers also Amen

    • Jackie Pack

      Amen we need you Lord Jesus Amen

    • Melody Tan

      I can see how broken and evil this world has become. I have a very strong desire for the Lord Jesus Christ to come and make everything right. Even so, come Lord Jesus!

    • Jennifer Skufca

      Wow love the part about gossip. So true. Also in James the tongue as a fire enflamed by hell itself is in the same chapter as self-seeking and envy! Coincidence? Also, in Romans 1, “undiscerning” is in the same verse as murder, wickedness, etc. so let us not be fooled by the lies of the devil. We must separate from the world (modern culture) now. Ignorance will not be an excuse.
      Let us all be praying unceasingly, repentant, and be watchful.
      God bless you Pastor.

    • Wojciech Rdzanek

      Right! God bless!

    • Cheryl Slatton

      The power of prayer. Fervent prayer spiritual prayer. Thanks blessings to you

    • Cameron Loken

      I just want to say I have been watching your prophecy updates for over 2 years now. I used to hold a post tribulation view for most of my life until God shook things up in 2020 with covid. I have a wife snd 3 young children. My wife and I were at odds with the vaccine. As she is a nurse, she felt obligated to take the shot, but I felt something was really wrong. I must say, we did take communion and prayed over my wife's decision before she got the jab. Although over the next couple years we were at odds and it nearly broke our marriage. But praise the Lord, since then my wife has been getting little bits and pieces here and there. She now sees that it is not good, although she has managed not to exhibit any side effects. I believe it is totally the grace of God. Through all of this, the Lord has also been working on me and has corrected my theology. I have done a complete 180 degree turn and now realize that pretribulation is not only more scriptural, but it is the only view that checks all the boxes. Ironically, my father who also engrained a post tribulation view in me also arrived at the same conclusion on his own. I only found out after calling him one time and telling him that I had changed my views on eschatology. Only God could do that. I just want to say I really appreciate your teaching. Thank you for all you do JD. You will be richey blessed. God bless.

    • Olshira Taylor

      Amen tell the truth and shame the devil

    • Stanley Milton

      I believe in and have a prayer language…The one that speaks to God and no man understands…PROBLEM; The Pentecostal/charismatic churches I've been to/attended also have lots of weirdo stuff and prosperity gospel infection. The Conservative Baptist, King James bible churches have great teaching and none of the weirdo stuff, BUT, they say what I have is not real or "Gibberish". When I point out THIS VERSE; For he that speaketh in an unknown tongue speaketh not unto men, but unto God: for no man understandeth him; howbeit in the spirit he speaketh mysteries.(1st Corinthians. 14:2), I get crickets…what should I do?

    • jacque Ku

      Many here on utube ++++ are telling people there is NO RAPTURE=HARPAZO ❗️
      Millions are being deceived.
      PRAY 🙏 PRAY 🙏 PRAY 🙏 and warn them ~~⚡️💥⚡️THE DAY OF THE LORD IS NEAR💥⚡️💥

    • Air Spun

      Yes. Ican see, hear and feel it. Something is different. Everything is…there is some kind of heavy feeling, a gloominess where I am. People are different too. Come Lord Jesus come!

    • Pippin Baker

      Pastor J.D. ppl need to know PRAYING IS TALKING TO GOD, TALKING TO HIM ALL THE TIME, some ppl think , as you said, getting into a special space, ex catlics will understand, we had to make the sign of the cross, and all, before we could reach GOD,,, THANK YOU FOR EX[PLAINING THAT TO ALL OF US. see you soon precious , shalom

    • Marsha Parham
      Dutchsinse earthquake information, excellent. (If I posted this right)

    • Barbara Gentry


    • Barbie Burton

      I pray for all those requesting prayers on this channel. May God abundantly bless and keep you in His care and love. God hears every prayer. Even if it’s not spoken. I pray that all your prayer requests be granted according to Gods will. Amen

    • enough

      Please pray that my organs be healed and no IBS. Ty!

    • Maranatha@86

      I love you J D♥️

    • Texas

      Great sermon pastor farag. You hit a home run today. God bless you….

    • Fabbro Family

      Fruits: So I can love a sister and simultaneously not agree with her, just as we can forgive without approving of that persons actions. Ive just come from a bible study where a sister is rule oriented, and wants to talk
      About herself. I prayed and realize I cannot be unequally yolked, but I can still love her and remain separate. So timely a message!

    • Rachel Cerny

      Dear pastor JD, I return to Prophesy Updates, and your words about worship – oh last week we sang "soon oh very soon", today "give thanks" and last " in the goodness of Jesus I rest all of my days", I see perfect continue, soon give thanks we rest all days…. thanks for great preachings, we all get different gifts from GOD through Holy Spirit and it is on us how we use the gifts for HIS Kingdom and HIS glory. i love your messages – preachings, you use great gift to do so and GOD bless, praying for you. And soon we fly UP.- so soon very soon we give thanks for rest all days ….. in heaven to worship……

    • Rob Breegs

      Pastor J. D. ! There's something very important you might want to look into. There's a man called the Yanuka Shlomo. He's in Israel and is now gaining steam. He's 33 years old and is performing " miracles " and he's being worshipped by the Jewish rabbies and kissing his hand etc.. He's not revealed by the world as the false prophet or the Antichrist because we are still here. He even tries hiding his face. This isn't scary brothers and sisters it's exciting for us. There's 5 red heifers ready, the priestly garments and the third Temple being prepared quickly. Lord willing, please check this out.

    • Taylor

      Having Lymphoma with a port but without health insurance (BC/BS for 31 yrs raised our monthly premium to $4,600 per mo), is like having a car with the needle past E.
      But praise God 🙌🏽❤️🙌🏽
      Growing up poor we always had the car past E. Yet God always let us make it home
      Raise a hallelujah ❤️

    • EQOAnostalgia

      Stay strong yall, endure! God bless.

    • All Things New

      Thank you so much and God bless you and protect you JD the battle is immense. Keep looking up. P. S. Your description of the gifts of the Holy Spirit made me feel better and almost cried as I was wondering if I had any?? Even the simple things done with love are service to the Lord. God is soon good 🙌

    • Debora Telma

      Thank you Pastor for sticking to Truth. So so appreciated. May GOD continue to protect and guide and bless you and your family abundantly.

    • Ozark Picker


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