It’s time to say goodbye to the old It’s Supernatural! studio set. You’ll love what’s coming next…
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    18 replies to "The Old Studio Set is GONE! Here's What's Coming…"

    • Sylvia Stewart

      God bless you, Bro. SId. I'm running right behind you. IN
      JeSUS Name!💯✝️🔥

    • Ndumiso Gumede

      God bless Sid Roth with divine health and very long life.

    • Taco Nam

      NOOOOOO!!!! 😭😭😭 I loved the old set!

    • carmela hearle

      Glory to God. Thankyou Sid and crew

    • Wildflower

      Shalom, Shalom, Sid!!! Ken, plsss, Western Wall Live would be WONDERFUL and a blessing as the background! Also, any part of Israel 🇮🇱 would be a blessing!

    • Salvation is for All

      I wish there were a love button to click instead of like❤….I love everything Papa Sid Roth is saying and what's coming next.

    • Lisa Newton

      Congratulations to you all. This will make n extreme difference. God is really working wonders with this network. Sid you are so wonderful. Thank you so much for showing videos like this.
      We are going to be blown away with the new set.

    • The Fire of Love Ministries

      I'm so excited to see the future of this network! The love of God is for everyone!

    • Faustina Peta Brizzi

      Blessings- how wonderful!!

    • Caz PK

      Thank U Sid. We will meet someday in heaven – remember my name when i come to say hi 🙂 Your life-long ministry is much appreciated.

    • Perrin Goodall

      Thank you Sid for all your blessed work to save the lost. Over three years ago after watching your shows, I came to the LORD. Praise be our King Yeshua/Jesus. Amen

    • Zenny Ferrer

      Amen Cid 👑🤚💯

    • JR SIMP

      Reaching, 500mil people! That's more than the population in the USA, awesome and praise GOD! All the nations will hear the word and know the truth!

    • Studio Solutions

      The rest of us just wanted to know how you got that floor so super shiny. 🙂

    • Marianne Sanchez

      What an amazing blessing from our Awesome God! Love you in Christ all what you are doing Sid & Joel. 🔥👏

    • Dena Redford

      Sid, I need a healing for my sinuses and ringing in my ears . Praise God , I love what Our Lord is doing in your studio . 😇🤩👋🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Corinne Culbertson

      I’m so excited to feel and see th blessings here on ISN. Connections with our brothers and sisters in the East is super Terrific. God bless you Sid and everyone working so hard to ramp up. Shalom

    • DrGJames Baxter

      watching from NE China

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