Join us at 7:00 pm HST Thursday, August 18th, for our Live Stream. Pastor JD talks with a family about the power of parents praying for a prodigal son caught up in the LGBTQ lifestyle.

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    15 replies to "The Power of Parents Praying for a Prodigal – August 18th, 2022"

    • MumzyTube Susan

      I am praying the same thing for my youngest son. At 42 years old he still does not believe in Jesus. My oldest son does, he and his family. My prayers for years have been the same, Lord, do whatever it takes to lead my son to You. I will pray this until the Lord calls me home and I thank Him that both my sons will be in Heaven with me. Thank you Jesus!

    • MumzyTube Susan

      This was so moving and wonderful. I pray that this testimony will have a domino effect around the world as we should share this with everyone, everywhere on their social media platforms. If it reaches one or a few then it can be the beginning of the take down of the enemy and his desire to to destroy young lives and families. God bless all who share this with the world. Agape – Maranatha!

    • clarinda Loves Jesus

      Prayers please for one of my sons who is gay. He don’t want to hear anything about God or Jesus. 🥲..I love him and want him to be saved. I pray daily for him and all my children.(adults).🙏

    • Jim West

      WOW!!! WOW!!! WOW!!! JESUS has given us such hope in this time of deception. Thru this family's trials we were shown how much God loves everyone. I pray daily for my own prodigals and I will never give up. I see the power of God working to perfect in His powerful way, lives that will be willing to give Him all the praise. God is so good. I personally want to thank this family for the courage, faith, and praise that it took to share this testimony. It will bless many I'm sure. It is a testimony to the love of God and the tenacity of praying parents and Gabriel's journey. Just WOW!!! As Simper Fi dad told us, just pray harder. Good advice. God hears!

    • Madeline Criado

      God bless and protect Gabriel and his family. Oh boy!!! Jesus Christ King, how powerful and loving you are!!! Thank you for sharing this testimony which brings light and hope to all of us, no matter what we are going through. Yes, I cried, BUT GOD listened through with me.

    • R Mason

      😭this has given me great hope,encouragement for the children being groomed

    • Lem M


    • Susan Arthur

      My son is lost to this community, and severed all contact with me. The pain and loss is overwhelming and have been on my knees, and am looking for others who understand this pain to come alongside in prayer with . Gabriel and family are truly a blessing for sharing their journey

    • Linda Alves

      Such a powerful testimony. I have been praying for a former daughter-in-law for years who decided to join the LGBQT lifestyle. God is good. I shared the video with her mother.

    • Sherry Rogers

      I need to let you know how much you touched my life! I am a Mother dealing with a daughter that is in the LGBTQ world. She won’t even talk to me and hasn’t talked to me in 4 years. I try so hard to reach out but there is always silence. Thank you for giving me hope! May God Bless your life for sharing your story! Thank you, I needed to hear there is hope! God Bless you and your family♥️

    • Stephan M

      JD you scare me 😆 more then once I have been inspired to write on something only to see you also talked of it.

      When God has messages he wants people to hear,i He will use all outlets available.


      In all matters of life…
      Thank & offer praise to God
      Acknowledge Him
      Lean into Him
      He understands what you are dealing with.
      Do not abandon God, for that is what Satan desires!!!  

      Satan desires to drag the Christian away from God and down his dark, lonely, angry path of destruction.  

      When a Christian turns from God & follows after the ways of the enemy,  they will find their life in constant turmoil, struggles, and pain.

      Do not complain or allow bitterness & unforgiveness to take root within for it will poison your being – physically, mentally & spiritually.

      Life in the flesh is not easy.  
      Sin, and the consequences of it, is present everywhere.

      We are not guaranteed a freedom from persecution or trials as a Believer in Christ!

      God allows events within the lives of his children for a reason:
      1.  To strengthen & grow his child
      2.  When we demonstrate a obedience and true faith in Christ – we will be used to draw in those who are lost and /or hurting.
      3.  The child has wandered away.  God provided us an example of what occurs with the wandering child with the story of the prodigal son. Luke 15 ✝️  

      Our Heavenly Father will allow us to wonder away, to discover for ourselves that life is full of sinful enticements.  He has given us free will, the right to make choices.

      When one is: 
      ~a new believer
      ~weak in faith
      [**neglecting weekly fellowship with other believers being led in praise/worship/& Biblical instruction
      neglecting daily heartfelt prayer & Bible reading ]
      ~not FULLY obedient TO ALL OF GOD'S COMMANDS
      ~neglecting the FULL ARMOR of GOD
      . . . . . The powerful pull to satisfy our fleshly desires has a stronger voice then that of the Holy Spirit & God's continual warnings ⚠️ 

      Sin will reign, we will have no power (or desire) to resist.  

      1Peter5:8 ✝️ 

      🔥🔥** By SFC S.B ****🔥🔥
      He watches & silently does wait.  
      He sees you gaze longingly at his open gate.
      Satan whispers

      "My world is filled with many pleasures and so much more.
      Come follow me I have what you long for."
      Satan whispers

      He notices your hesitation as you glance back towards your FATHER
      "It's only one time, there's no need for GOD to bother."
      Satan whispers

      Your first step and his eyes seem to suddenly glow
      "Yes, yes, come follow me!
      I have much more to show."
      Satan whispers

      He grabs my heart with a grip that's tight
      A small voice within whispers "you must fight"
      But Satan whispered "it's going to be all right".

      I silenced the voice within.
      Allowing him to show me the joys of sin.
      Satan whispers "this is my win"

      For a time all appeared ok.
      My flesh weakened, I no longer did pray
      Satan whispered "you are easy prey"

      Then I noticed things started to change.
      Fellow believers, who tried to help, I did estrange.
      Satan whispers "allow me your life to arrange"

      My life became a struggle, as relationships ended.
      Bitterness & strife had slowly descended.

      My emotions were all over the place.
      My life a mess, he told me "you are now a disgrace."
      I longed for MY FATHER and His embrace.
      Satan yelled "No! You will stay in place!"

      I realized the mistake I had made.
      Turning & walking away in disobedience, a heavy price I had paid.
      I quickly knelt down and cried out to Jesus, the one I had betrayed.
      Satan's whispers were silenced the more I fervently prayed.

      My tears fell heavy for the hurt I had brought.
      Jesus held me close and whispered "for your soul I have fought"

      I was ashamed at the mess my life had become
      Jesus listened carefully, held me closer, and stated "I waited for you, to humbly come"

      My heart slowly thawed as Jesus's love I felt.
      The price of my sin with His blood he had dealt. 

      Forgiven and freed from Satan's hold;
      Jesus rejoiced and welcomed me back into his fold.

      When Satan now whispers, in Jesus's powerful name I call to repel.
      I learned to be more aware of his deceptive spell

      Jesus is coming soon, are you ready?

    • Myra Serra

      please pray for our adult sons and daughters, ANTHONY, Stacey ( has 2 teenage daughters), ROBERT and his wife Marisa (have 4 children), Lisa and Daniel ( 2 children), none of them is saved, but they all know so much about GOD and HIS WORD.

    • Sarita Maclachlan

      Thank you so much for the testimony! Praise the Lord! I continue to pray for my dear son Henry!

    • Becks B.

      I so needed this. Our daughter is living with her boyfriend and is wayward. Every time you mention wayward daughters I cry. I’m so encouraged by this. I will keep praying for her to come to Christ!

    • Vili Dimitrova

      Thank You, Lord for this testimony. May it encourage all brothers and sisters who struggle and see no answer. Pray without ceasing and keep trusting and believing the Lord, and be obedient to His will, no matter what. God is faithful, great is His faithfulness, Maranatha.

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