Come and learn about the rapture and years of tribulation as explained in the Bible.

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    10 replies to "The Rapture and Tribulation | Pastor Rodney Howard-Browne & Evangelist Jonathan Shuttlesworth"

    • Donnie Shepperson

      we are here till the last trumpet, a lot happens before that!

    • Daniel Penn

      Dont listen to this fake pastor. He hates Israel.

    • Wayne Rickard

      With all due respect brother.. Your wife cannot be a pastor.. I didn't say it The Bible did.. I saw you on television And you were talking about swabs up the butt.. And there was a woman in the background cackling like a drunken hyena.. Jesus said If you love me feed my sheep.. I don't think you're feeding the sheep.. Now your wife is on their cackling like a hyena.. I hear a lot of preaching But I don't hear any scripture.. Brother you are a mess.. Now your wife is talking gibberish.. Tongues was from the baptism of the Holy Spirit..and they marveled that each man heard in his own not preaching the Gospel..

    • Gus

      I love Rock and Roll.🎸🎹🎺📯🎵 I stand on the Rock and my name is written on the Roll. Jesus is Alive!!!

    • joethebar1

      The fact that people fight against the goodness of God, is an indication of the state of the body of Christ. People don’t know their bibles or their God. The attack on the rapture doctrine is demonic

    • Johannes Uys

      When Jesus comes the second time He will appear to those who love Him. Hebr 9:28.
      This same Jesus, which is taken up from you into heaven, shall so come in like manner as ye have seen him go into heaven.( Second time.Acts 1:11.)
      When Jesus comes the second time He will descent from Heaven and we will meet Him in the air.( 1Thes 4:16).
      When Jesus comes the second time we will be gathering together unto Him.(2 Thes 2:1).
      When Jesus comes the second time He will come in flaming fire and vengeance to those unbelievers who had fallen away from the truth and then Jesus will be glorified in his saints in that day.(2Thes 1:8,10).
      Before Jesus comes the second time a falling away from the truth must take place for the antichrist to be revealed.(2Thes 2:3)
      When Jesus comes the second time He will destroy the antichrist with the brightness of His coming and those who had fallen away from the truth..(2Thes 2:8,10).
      Nobody is going to disappear (raptured) before Jesus comes the second time.

    • carol Mueller

      Christians, didn't Jesus tell Christians to pray for God's Kingdom to come and for His will to be done on earth as it is in heaven, Matthew 6:9,10! God's Kingdom is a heavenly government ruled by Jesus Christ as King. Soon Jesus will bring beautiful changes to the earth. There will be no more death, pain or sorrow on earth, Revelation 21:4,5! No more wickedness on earth, Psalms 36:9-11! After Armageddon the meek will inherit the earth and live forever on it, Psalms 37:29; Matthew 5:5; Proverbs 2:21,22! Jesus will do on a grand scale what he did when he walked the earth including raising those who are asleep in death, 5:21, 29! There will only be one government over the entire earth forever, Daniel 2:44! Jesus said that this good news of the Kingdom would be preached about in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations, and then the end will come, Matthew 24:14! Soon Jesus will make sure that God's Will is done on earth as it is in heaven, Matthew 6:9,10! Will you be there to see it? John 4:22-24; John 17:3; Isaiah 42:8!

    • Mike65809

      Jesus told us of the time of the rapture. It's "after the tribulation of those days…" We must be ready to be hated by all nations, not let our love grow cold, not be deceived by false christs and signs, and endure until the end. Amen.

    • Alan Morris

      No fear here. My (ex) pastor is a psychologist during the week. She can't understand why I am not afraid.

    • Scot Scott

      Pretrib believer 💯 …. 🔜 the catching away. So much has happened, aligned govts that are ready for the AC. However before the AC comes the 10 horns/nations are to arise, Dan 7:7-8.

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