Are you ready to face what’s coming? Pastor Rodney Howard Browne opens up about his recent news-headlining incarceration and reveals the details of what really happened. Listen as he shares the radical open vision that prepared him for what was to come and find out what it revealed about God’s heart for the Church in the coming days!

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    13 replies to "The Real Story Behind My Arrest: Why Pastor Rodney Howard Browne Sparked National Headlines"

    • Tonya Griffith

      Thank you for this! I was so touched today while watching!!! God Bless You all!!!!

    • Jame Luke

      Thank you Jesus for the gift of life and blessings to me and my family.$32,000 weekly profit Our lord Jesus have lifted up my Life!!!

    • Susan Slack

      My ticket was paid by his precious blood

    • Susan Slack

      I've already got my ticket..thankyou Jesus

    • Susan Slack

      The joy of the Lord is my strength..The joy of the Lord is my strength..My fav song

    • Susan Slack

      I don't fear the future or the present..

    • Susan Slack

      I'm so glad I never got any shot..God has kept me..I had a covid test and it was negative

    • Esther Koramoa

      At the 14:2614:34, something suddenly leaped up inside of me that brought out a big shout of tongues that made my kids run in to find out if I was ok. Thank You Father God, thank You Jesus, thank You Holy Spirit🙏🏻! You’re ever faithful and we owe You all our lives🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • Esther Koramoa

      Praaaaaaise God!!!!!!!!!!🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻

    • Jason napalm

      What was he arrested for? I used to love watching Rod in the 90’s

    • Rhonda Frederick

      Do not come against the body of Christ, or God will come against you? Sure? Maybe we can expect some real persecuted Christians at these discussions. Oh, not the Saudi girl who had her tongue cut off and was burnt alive by her own brother for turning to Christ. Not the Christians who are murdered secretly by the Hindu fringe. Not the Christians in Nigeria who face a genocide at the hands of fundamentalists.

    • Nancy Lohe

      I Love this Joni table talk ❤

    • David Anderson

      This man leads the way.

      No tolerance of government baloney.


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