Ben and Brenda Peters share the secret to hearing God’s voice every day!
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This episode originally aired in 2006. Stay tuned for more It’s Supernatural! Classics from our It’s Supernatural! archive!

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    16 replies to "The Secret to Hearing God's Voice Every Day"

    • Amber Rodriguez

      I received in Jesus name.

    • jean sampson

      When they prayed for the prophetic I felt the presence of God and been yawning a few times being delivered and I then coughed and can feel the presence of the Holy Spirit around me 🙌 Glory to God!! ❤

    • Lori Carini

      Yes Yes! AMEN 🙏❤️

    • paul klemesrud

      I desire to hear your voice like living waters and also your voice that shakes things and also still small voice that changes things

    • paul klemesrud

      I want to hear your voice as well Paul Klemesrud I want more of your living waters

    • Johannsis Peralta

      You know how many sell all this nonsense things about hearing GOD and is all lies… so sick of it. I have no doubt that GOD speaks and that some audible hear HIM but is sickening to see people fooling others. Maybe they are legit but I personally don't believe anyone unless GOD truly wants can make you hear HIM to in which case GOD needs no man to speak to someone if that is what HE desires. I hear of addicts, alcoholics hearing GOD'S voice warning them and helping them, some regular people doing no fasting and others through fasting. My point GOD will speak to whomever HE wants when HE wants and no one will nor can stop HIM

    • Peter Black

      Sid , I really loved and appreciated this message. Thanks

    • Freedom Ministries International

      May God command YouTube to do a $1000 Super Thanks Button and even a $1 000 000 Super Thanks Button, that all of God’s Sons and Daughters would be Millionaires and free to seek him with all their heart, mind, body, soul and spirit,

      To the Glory of the Father the Son and the Holy Spirit!!

      In Jesus Name God’s Will be Done, the Father of Lights, who rains down every good and perfect gift!

    • Gracefreelygiven

      My Daddy God I'm sorry for I lied to people please forgive me and use me for your glory Amen.

    • Isabel Jordaan

      Jesus Help‼️❤️

    • aa vfJ

      Yes, Lord Jesus Christ, my heart pants for You.
      'Set me as a seal upon Your heart…' Amen

    • ric david

      Pathologic lying is psychopathic

    • MsHope

      I love your show, but please change your music. The off-key grinding metal sound hurts my ears. The Supernatural does not have to sound creepy & demonic. Holy Spirit sounds are calm, loving, peaceful, calming, beautiful, encuraging, igorating.

    • maria rodrigues

      Thank you lord my husband Lawrence is eating with his own hand.. he is writing.. he is walking.. he is talking.. all glory be to the Father the Son n the Holy Spirit.. Amen

    • Adina Motobu


    • Joanne Kinsella

      Is this an old video? Did looks younger.

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