Jeremiah Johnson says the shaking brought exposure. Here’s how we can prepare for what’s next…
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Larry Sparks is a prophetic leader, speaker, and lecturer on revival. He presently serves as publisher for Destiny Image (, a Spirit-filled publishing house pioneered by Don Nori Sr. in 1983 with a mandate to publish the prophets. Larry is fueled by a vision to help the church community create space for the Holy Spirit to move in freedom, prophetic power and revival fire, providing every believer with an opportunity to have a life-changing encounter in the Presence of God. In addition, Larry is a regular contributor to Charisma Magazine, he conducts seminars on revival, hosts regional Renewing South Florida gatherings, and has been featured on Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural, TBN, CBN, the Jim Bakker Show, and Cornerstone TV. He is author of Pentecostal Fire, Breakthrough Faith, The Fire That Never Sleeps with Michael Brown and John Kilpatrick, compiler of Ask for the Rain, and co-author of Arise with Patricia King. He earned a Master of Divinity from Regent University and enjoys life in Texas with his beautiful wife and beloved daughter.

The Vision of Larry Sparks Ministries is summed up in three words: Encounter, Activate and Transform.

The Mission of Larry Sparks Ministries is to help followers of Jesus:
✅ Encounter the Presence of the Holy Spirit through prophetic ministry, events, and media.
✅ Activate the Power of God in your life through audio teaching, articles, and training resources.
✅ Transform your life and your world as a Spirit-empowered individual who impacts your sphere of influence with prophetic Kingdom strategies.

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    15 replies to "The Shaking, The Exposure, And What's NEXT…"

    • Regina Correira

      My house has been opened for prayers every Monday evening since Covid and people have been baptized with the Holy Spirit ! I didn't know it is a "house of glory! Amen! glory to God!😍💖🙏

    • Michelle Dekker

      This is so true. God gave me a dream about the giftings that is going evolve to something new

    • Kimberly Gross

      The irony is that just before the locked down
      The sermon was about 85 million
      Building fund to have gym and wedding chapel … etc

      In a mean time the following week the church close it’s door ? For CV
      God has sense of humor
      Exposing hypocrisy

    • Kimberly Gross

      Praying for discernment !
      Although want to be part of ministry
      Here in Dfw Dallas area !

      Don’t want to align my self with
      Leaders are working for other then Jesus through Holy Spirit .
      Many working for other Spirits

      Departed along the way ????
      Reading 7 churches in Revelation

    • Kimberly Gross

      Rare man of god in this day and age .
      Tend not to trust big ministry not sure if they are compromised to attract many listeners .
      JJ rare man of God .
      He pours out clean water
      Mind of God

    • RMB

      The last 8 minutes of this video was very powerful! Thank you for prophesying what God is showing you!

    • Joyful Journey

      That's why I had to leave my old church. I can't stand playing church anymore. I found another one that truly supports home gatherings and ministry outside of Sunday. I feel like so many American pastors want the congregation to be invested so much on Sunday morning that they're too drained to do much else.

    • Tom Frasiko

      Telling you to check this out Devon Cole – W.I.T.C.H Song that is under explore tab on youtube? i thought maybe you would want to do a video on it because it is number 1 trending on there right now

    • Golden Christine

      I believe I got this message from the Lord for his people. Isaiah 32:9. "Listen you women who lie around in ease. Listen to me, you who are so smug. In a short time just a little more than a year, you careless ones will suddenly begin to care… and the chapter goes on and finishes with the restoration of righteousness in the land. God is calling people to work in rebuilding his temple in their hearts. Mathew 9:35, when Jesus saw the crowds he had compassion on them because they were confused and helpless like sheep without a shepherd. he said to his disciples, "the harvest is great but the workers are few. so pray to the Lord who is in charge of the harvest; ask him to send more workers into his field. The Spirit of the Lord told me about a wealth transfer when I was led to Esther 8:1 which talks about hamans property being transferred to the Bride on the same day. Praise be to the Lord of Heavens Armies for this message.

    • Paul Duggan

      Biblical prophets warned a wicked generation to repent. How many of the popular prophets are doing that today? Think that was just the Old Testament? The Two Witnesses are the model for the New Testament prophets. The people will hate them because they're tormented by their prophesying. Not exactly 'Edification, exhortation and comfort' as many have said is what New Testament prophets should be speaking. They wear sackcloth for 3 1/2 years, so sackcloth hasn't gone out of style. It shows their extreme humility.

    • George SM

      Amen.I receive the word in Jesus' name.

    • Richard Huff


    • Karyn Taylor

      That was very good🎯

    • Anna Noel-Roduner

      Excellent encouragement. However this will not happen other than in smaller patches. Most of the Christians are now seeking to regather on the 'old' pre-pandemic situations. Nevertheless GOD the HOLY SPIRIT is calling on all true believers to clear out their spiritual 'house' in order to get ready for the Rapture. I am very sad to say that Larry IS RIGHT in encouraging us to do what he knows is right, The only drawback is: Many won't.

    • Melanie Boyer

      those gagg mouth diapers are removed!!!!!!

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