Daniel was thrown in the Lions den, because he refused to compromise his faith and commitment to God. God however closed the mouth of the lions. When the king saw this miracle he released Daniel, and the ones accusing him were thrown before the lions and be devoured before they hit the ground. They digged a hole for Daniel, but fel themselves into it. May God strenghten you not to bow down, but to stand for your conviction, for when you stand for nothing, you will fall for everything.

This is part 1 of Daniel in the Lions den, part 2 is following.

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    • Edith vdMG

      Yes Brother Jaap, if they shut down churches Christian will still gather together! If they kill a messenger, God will send others. Preparing ( be prepared!!!) for the Underground Church by pastor Richard Wurmbrand: free pdf file:///C:/Users/Eigenaar/AppData/Local/Temp/PreparingfortheUndergroundChurch.pdf

    • Angela

      Shabbat Shalom, yeshua is comming sooner than we think, i cant wait.

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