Make the decision to submit to God in the midst of any situation, and you will have His outcome for you instead of whatever the devil had planned! Pastor Rodney teaches about the power of the Holy Spirit, the strength in the fellowship of the Church, and the importance of both in your earthly life.

Service Date: September 11, 2022

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    10 replies to "The WEF's Worst Nightmare! Part 2 | Rodney Howard-Browne"

    • praisehauler

      Amen. We are the restrainers.

    • praisehauler

      I have various ministers on playlists and I have left one going every night for the last 20 years. I have no problems sleeping and wake up with the Word. Sometimes I dream the pastor is talking to me. Not Joyce Meyer tho, she makes me dream I'm having vicious arguments with my mother and we never did that.

    • praisehauler

      Pastors who give 20-minute sermons aren't used to hungry audiences but rather have congregations filled with dieters and bulimics.

    • Michael Paunovich

      I’m one of those people! I would love to visit the river church, even make it my home church, however Australia is a little far for that. Keep doing what your doing Pastor, we need a church like this in Australia. If there is one please let me know!

    • John Frappier

      I'm a third shifter lol help me

    • Valentina Kirichilina

      Amen🙏Thank You Jesus 😊 Shalom & Love from BC Canada 🇨🇦

    • Bonnie 'Bea'


    • Frank Floyd

      Right now, they are listening to you politicize the Gospel. The Gospel without politics is not enough? The Gospel that the Apostles preached is not enough?

    • Frank Floyd

      Stir the people up against the government, why are you not laughing.

    • convert313

      Nooo ,there will be no bowing ,no taking of the knee , no yielding back of the resistance ,full overwhelming force . You're the man pastor Rodney Howard Browne.👏👏👏👏

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