Pastor JD talks about how and why there’s always hope, which should encourage us to look up as God lifts our heads up.

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    17 replies to "There’s Always Hope, Look Up – Jeremiah 52 – February 9th, 2023"

    • @MinisterClaude

      As of Feb 13, 2023 death toll surpasses 36,000. Keep praying for those people who lost a loved one, and may God show them how good He is.

    • Isabel le Roux

      Thank you Pastor JD, I learned so much 🙏🏻

    • Isabel le Roux

      Start Jeremiah 31/3/22. Gods calling is God enabling! 🙌

    • Wendy G

      It is so good to hear the Word of God.

    • My Father's child

      Thank you Pastor JD for watching over God's children, We are safe, because God speaks through you, and we have His word that confirms the truth, thank you for not neglecting us, the Lord Jesus bless you!!!😄❤

    • Anne marie O'Sullivan

      That was a great teaching pastor JD. I am waiting for God to break some chains for me, & I know he will do it in his timing.

    • Seaside Agean

      I missed your Bible study last night as I had no electricity or internet due to the winds.

    • I love Jesus

      I was directed to you after a member of my own home church verbally attacked for saying we should say prayers for Urkraine. I left that home church even though I’m grateful they baptised me two weeks ago I felt they agreed and I should be quiet. And not even pray for Turkey. So thank you pastor . Look forward to hearing more from you. Lyn New Zealand

    • Bink

      🙏🏼 prayers going up for the people in Syria and Turkey.

    • Gregg Coop

      Pastor JD…in your Feb 5th Prophecy Update on your website, you referred to Balaam's Donkey as HE . He was actually a SHE!!
      NUMBERS 22:23,25,27

    • Norma Lewis

      praying for turkey and syria,, my heart goes out to them

    • Taylor

      I'm so Blessed
      Thank you JD and team.
      52 two weeks. I saw many parallels to todays world.
      Holding fast as our Redemption draws near.
      Oh Lord please show Your mercy in the middle east 🥲🛐🥲

    • Stacy Smith

      Yes,they are people, families of whom Christ died for and loves very much ❤🕯

    • Michelle Costea

      Thank you pastor JD

    • Rhonda Hill

      Prayers for the people of Turkey and Syria 🙏


      I love this pastor and his 1980’s shirt! ❤ He’s so cute and always so cheery. AND I CANNOT AGREE MORE ABOUT THE WORD PROBLEMS!!! 😂

    • Judy Williams

      J.D. Farag, you got the BEST REALIZATION of The Cross by starting your reading in Genesis!🙏 Thank you

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