They tried to keep it hidden all this time, but they can’t hide it anymore.
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    28 replies to "They Can’t Keep This Hidden Anymore…"

    • Seeking the truth

      Yes Lord….my best days are ahead of me because of you. Bless my life, heal my wounds and raise me up to do your work. You said so yourself, you never change your mind.i trust in you and trust everything you told me would come to pass. HALLELUJAH..,Thank you for saving me and giving me a second chance. Amen

    • Derek Kubinski

      Jesus, thank you for carrying the cross and shedding your blood for me🙏

    • Debi Hester

      God gave me a warning dream, about 2 years ago. In the dream, I was working in a middle school. I opened the door to the back of the school, and several white, large FEMA vehicles came pouring in quickly. They were there to take the kids somewhere, probably to be jabbed!

    • Lynn Clary

      This is a great teaching experience. Thanks Sid

    • Minä vain

      A young women (almah) 2000 -3000 years ago was virgin in that culture and society, but today a almah maybe is not a virgin. The rabbis know this. Compare the story of Rebecca (Gen24:16) is called “Betulah” a virgin when Abrahams servants tells story (to Rebeccas father) how he was send to find a wife to Isaac and first Almah to give water to his camels was the right one to Isaac ( Gen 24:42-43) here unmarried untouched Rebecca was called Almah a young women. So a young women meant a virgin in that day and age. Btw I like your necklace 😊

    • Alice Dotzauer

      I am healed BY THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS🙏🙏🙏❤️❤️❤️

    • Kiim Maritz

      I know Jesus is the Messiah..I wasn't there…but the Holy Spirit in me acknowledge Jesus as Lord and Saviour..

    • D Turner

      Why is it when you FAKE jewish people say what tribe you are from it is Judah or Levi'll but never Benjamin
      Rev 2:9, 3:9

    • GENESIS 3

      Sid, it’s time for you to step down.

    • GENESIS 3

      The New Covenant in Jeremiah 31:31 is not about deleting the first Jewish Covenant, starting a new Covenant for the Gentiles of the whole world. It’s still a Jewish Covenant – but renewed.

    • GENESIS 3

      The suffering Servant of the Lord is Jacob/ Israel. Read the context from chapter 41-49 before you read chapter 53. Then you know.

    • GENESIS 3

      The 72 Jewish Scribes that translated Jewish Scriptures – only translated the five Books of Moses. Meaning: not the Prophets – like Isaiah.

    • Yeshua

      is the rapture 7th April? Please help

    • GENESIS 3

      Nowhere in the Jewish Bible it says, remember that when messiah comes, 1/ you must receive him or 2/ you must believe him.

    • Yeshua

      He is coming in the clouds. The MESSIAH is coming.

    • Valerie Irvin

      Why do we call him Jesus when it says in scripture He is to be called " Emanuel"……?

    • Lizelle Jvr Grobler


    • Grace ambassador 67

      A lot of good things Sid said here until he departed from grace and told: You have to go back to "the ten commandments to have the power to overcome that sin in you life." (Time: 21:45) How little you understand of grace when you can say something like that. The ten commandments is the POWER (FUEL / STRENGHT) in the first place for any sin! It has the OPPOSITE EFFECT of what Sid Roth is thinking! it will make you sin MORE! (1. Cor. 15:56) Its MADNESS!!!! I hope ist not only me who see this!! ONLY trough grace – by the Holy Spirit, by focus in Jesus and his FINISHED work on the cross – you can have POWER to overcome sins, when you are FREE from condemntation! (Rom.8:1) Because when your weak – then your strong .(2. Cor. 12: 9f). Because thats the time you dont trust anything of yourselves – ONLY Jesus Christ and his FINISHED WORK! So what is left for you to DO???? B – E – E -L – I – E – V – E ! ! ! in him that God has sent. Jesus Christ – Yeshua Hamashiach! Thats the WORK you have to DO!!!

    • Life is beautiful

      It is not by accident or coincidence that Sid’s channel came up in my feed. I am Christian and I love listening to Sid. I learn something new and also Sid’s words serve as reminders. He is a true servant of God our Heavenly Father. Thank you Lord Jesus Christ my savior.

    • Ruth James

      Thank you Jesus. Bless you Sid.

    • Sam Sung

      Amen 🙏. Tkq Jesus Amen.

    • ellen asare-pepra

      I just listened to this amazing message. Jesus is Lord. AMEN 🙏

    • New Jerk

      Interesting stuff (Bible prophecies, allegedly, fulfilled in and by Jesus).
      Rabbi Michael Skobac and Rabbi Tovia Singer, (for example), vehemently disagree with Sid Roth's interpretation of those Torah passages.

    • Bourne Joan

      Thank you Jesus my lord and savior Jesus Christ 🙏

    • Marsha

      Thank you Jesus for going through unimaginable pain and torture to save us!!! I am so sorry you had to endure what we deserved !!!! I love you Jesus!! You are our savior and God Almighty!!!❤❤❤❤🥺😭🤔

    • Marsha

      Jesus I pray you come into the hearts 💕 of nonbelievers and open their eyes and ears and know YOU ARE THE ONE TRUE GOD AND SAVIOR OF HUMANITY!! WE HAVE ALL BEEN LIED TO AND DECEIVED MANY MANY MANY PREACHERS AND LEADERS AROUND THE WORLD!! Amen!!!❤🙏☝

    • Maureen

      Thank you for reaching out ❤

    • YaHBona Mkize

      Shabbat Shalom all in Ha’Mashiach: Blessed are you את Yahuah, forever and ever, for giving us את the doorway to the Kingdom of heaven in Messiah.

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