Pastor JD talks about how the Lord will bring judgment on His people especially when everyone deals falsely saying ‘peace, peace!’ When there is no peace, then concludes with communion.

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    21 replies to "They Say Peace When There’s No Peace, Jeremiah 6 – May 5th, 2022"

    • Bible Base Faith

      Why do people reject Jesus? I don’t get it? Jesus has the words to eternal life. Why reject him?

    • Bluesparkles Patriot

      BRministries is reposting your videos. I don’t know if you want to check it out or not.

    • Loudie Simpson

      Thank you for this warning. We need to hear it. Amen .thank you Pastor JD..

    • 1God1way 2HeavenJC


    • Zach M

      Thank you Jesus I love You

    • Earl Callaway
    • Shay Sdy


    • SK Ellis

      Israel has revealed and accepted their messiah:
      They have also started building the third temple.

    • Ness

      I find it so frustrating that people keep talking as though the world will be fixed and reset into this beautiful utopia. I keep warning and warning and telling people to repent. I keep praying people will wake up and get saved before it's too late. 🙏 Time is so short. In the last 24 hours it was announced that the UN and WEF are combining forces and are about to start accelerating the 2030 agenda. We are absolutely on the brink of the rapture and so many people are absolutely oblivious. People in Australia are talking politics and expecting change to happen at the election this month. Little do people know, nothing is going to stop what is coming. No election. No politician and no political party will stop what is ahead. But people are just not wanting to hear just how pointless their worldly battles are.

    • Judith Loar

      Thank you Pastor.. you are such a BLESSING TO ME 🙏🙏🙏💕you have helped to draw me closer and closer to our Savior .. so glad to be going home soon

    • Spartan

      Alive and kicking
      Love ya brother

    • Texas

      JD never sugar coats it. I love how blunt and straight forward he is. He calls me out and makes me think twice.
      Thank you Pastor JD

    • Christopher Dubuque

      JD, thank you so much for feeding the saints heavy nutritious spiritual meat instead of milk. My soul cries for the mislead and the priests who peach lies of peace and comfort and neglect the unpopular message of incoming judgment. God bless you JD and the sheep you shepherd for the Master. Thank you for teaching prophecy and insight into our current end times and soon coming of the pre-trib rapture. Saints reading this: there is no better time to get right with God, build a personal relationship with Jesus as your Lord and savior who rose from the dead from the grace for our transgressions while we were sinners! Jesus is God and will save anyone who calls his name and confesses with their mouth, by eternal grace and mercy it is a free gift for all any race color or background doesn’t matter how bad you are Jesus is with you and wanting to save you… and saints we need to be spreading this message of the gospel with our friends, family, and strangers. Being kind to the people we interact with, be an example of Jesus, and acknowledge we didn’t deserve this free gift and if we love him we will do what He commands. There’s no time to waste, plant seeds wherever you go and to anyone who will listen and you will be blessed. Thank you JD

    • Nm Statkiewicz

      i ❤️you Jesus. i know your reading this and smiling! 😊

    • jeanne brasel

      Thank you for your honesty.
      Your messages bless me and help me to walk a straight and narrow pathway. God bless.

    • Margaret A Loucado

      It’s a very sad feeling to go to a big church and have to wait a year before you can meet others to enter into meaningful fellowship with 😒

    • Norma Lewis

      You speak truth. I only get the truth on YouTube.

    • Ricky Robinette

      I’m so thankful
      For my Lord and Savior
      Jesus Christ
      Thank you for preaching God’s Word
      I thank you
      For your faithfulness of God’s Word
      The Truth of God’s Word
      You speak the Truth
      Thank you
      Stay faithful to the Word of God
      To God be all the Glory
      People need to hear the Truth of God’s Word

    • lorna mcelreath

      Makes me think of Ps. 115:6&7
      Too long have I had my dwelling among those who hate peace.
      I am for peace, but when I speak, they are for war!.

    • Judith Tordoir

      My son and I watched this when we get it at the time zone difference between Hawaii and Malaysia. We had communion too. God bless you dear Pastor JD Farag… we love you. The Lord bless and keep you well and safe always.

    • LEE

      Israel 365 news says on independence day in Israel some Jews have already started on rebuilding the third temple. He's coming folks, Jesus is coming sooner than we think.

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