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Sid Roth with Julie Meyer on It’s Supernatural!
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On this episode of Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! 2018: Julie Meyer has discovered one of the most unlikely weapons available for our supernatural arsenal. Julie says it is a powerful weapon of breakthrough, and you can use it daily!

Angels sing and we should too. Stir up your faith with simple songs of Scripture! — Sid
Whether songs of love or songs of adversity YOUR songs are music to God’s ears. God relates to your emotions, but especially He is moved by His Word when it is sung back to Him. That’s powerful. All that is required is your willingness and childlike faith to call Heaven to attention.

Dove-nominated artist Julie Meyer was stunned to discover that God responds to His own words prayed back to Him in simple songs. Julie never saw it coming — but she’s never looked back!

David was a psalmist, who very likely first sang over his family’s sheep as a youth. And David accomplished much. How about you? Can’t carry a tune? All the better. Let God arise and your enemies be scattered.

Julie’s new book, 2-CD set and music CD were birthed out of urgency AND years of experience. They are simple “how-to” tools for non-singers and produce powerful results, answers from Heaven! They will also breathe new life into your quiet times with God.

Includes Singing the Scriptures, Singing Your Way to Breakthrough and Sing (music CD).

Julie Meyer is a popular worship leader and speaker, a Dove-nominated singer/songwriter and an author. Julie is known for starting Into the River, a new online community that enjoys soaking worship and interactive classes.

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    16 replies to "This Ancient Key Will Unlock Miracles in Your Life! | Julie Meyer on Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!"

    • kevin hughes

      Papa Sid Roth we love you so much thanks for your OBEDIENCE for our Jesus. Love from South Africa

    • quiet optimism✨

      Oh wow, I really needed this! I barely sing now, I need to start again.

    • Jenny Kotze

      All glory be to God Our Father Amen and Amen Hallelujah

    • Bishop Dr. Abraham Jonathan Musomba

      Amen to that dream Prophet Sid Roth

    • Rev, Sophia Snyder

      Amen Singing a Joyful noise!

    • Nigel 3

      What if you see blurry without glasses

    • Moon wHale

      Go to the desert and fast for 40fays and see what happens

    • susan omalley-larson

      It's a no brainer. Praying and reading in song requires more effort which God acknowledges. Music also touches the soul.

    • Judith Crabtree

      worshipping in spirit and truth will break mind control, I see the tent of David over my mind when I sing a simple worship song with all my heart, the Hallelujah chorus works really well to as its focus is on Elohim alone … no me or I in it ..

    • Amen Longkumer

      This is a total confirmation for me. .

    • Ardeśīra Bandyopādhyāya

      I recently found some Hebrew worship songs, these songs by a Messianic group. These seem to be that broke the plateau of my worship.

    • Fatts S

      I had a dream the other day that I was looking for something in old River canal that was like romans bilt it and then water disappeared so I followed the path and at the end was the key keeper and when I sore it I new IV seen it before and have done this before I never felt anything like it was like a power had taken over me and this dream was my really like every thing before this never happened and next to the man that looked like munk was a rock covered in the same material and designs that the key had so I opened the shell that was holding the rock and set it free all of a sudden the water that had disappeared came towards me at speed so I was swimming towards the water almoste floteing on it this intense black water came to the place we're I live and woke up some of my intense dreams come true believe it or not I don't care but this dream was so strong i think something big is going to happen any one else have this dream ???

    • Mark Gooch

      I claimmiracles also praise God

    • Pooja Bhalshankar

      Thank you Lord . I was literally searching for getting out of negative thoughs , you given me the way to come out 😇😘 hallelujah

    • Comment Freely

      i lost my job

      but don't worry, i'll get another copy of the OT.

    • Angela Murphy

      I knew it thank you finally

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