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Sid Roth with Gary & Shirley Kivelowitz on It’s Supernatural!

In this Sid Roth’s It’s Supernatural! Classic episode from 2001: What happens to a Jewish atheist who is transported to Heaven, then finds out that God and the Bible are real?

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    16 replies to "This Atheist Saw HEAVEN…"

    • Bosa Barbosa

      STUPID and IDIOTIC. ANY and EVERYTHING coming from the Sid Roth's show is FAKE, LIES, HERESY!

    • Emeline Thermidor

      Powerful testimony!

    • Cathy Davenport

      What’s wrong with a Gentile Bible?

    • ✧.d a y d r e a m e r.✧

      “ForGod so loved  the world,  that he gave his only Son,(JESUS CHRIST)that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.–JOHN 3:16.

    • Mark Rhone

      Jesus came died and rose the third day 2000 yrs ago so that we can make a choice to serve the true and living God and make Heaven our eternal home ask God Almighty to forgive you of your sins say that you believe in the death burial and resurrection of Jesus Christ ask God Almighty to come live inside of you and begin to thank and praise God Almighty for saving your soul and for living down on the inside of you and for forgiving you of your sins and I'll say welcome to the family of our Great God in Heaven there's a great celebration going on in Heaven I'm also rejoicing because of your decision

    • Mark Rhone

      Heaven was made for us God's Holy people hell was made for Satan and his demons which fell from heaven when Satan fell

    • Mark Rhone

      God wants to save us all

    • Mark Rhone

      God is real

    • Craig Littleworm

      I find myself impatient and skipping to the actual heaven parts

    • Stanley Fowler

      this guy denies the name

    • Tanya Armstrong

      When she turned and looked at him, and spoke pure heart to him…that bought tears to my eyes…..I love what God did in their life…even in 2021 these testimonies touch your life!

    • Surprise's Mom

      Sid Roth: stop interrupting your guests!!!!!

    • The King of Things

      This man has a great testimony and it keeps getting ruined by the host

    • Jackie Barton

      I respect this gentlemans Honesty of heart about his feelings!

    • TGWCL

      End Times …….

    • Alexander M Cortez

      Please pray for me I need healing. I'm experiencing after effect of Polio that it's threating my life. Lord Jesus heal me and save me from death have mercy on me I believe in you Lord. Amen

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