This is a warning to all believers. If your pastor is preaching from this book, RUN!
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Alan’s life has always been dedicated to helping people improve their lives. He has had a broad and successful background in personal, professional, church and corporate development spanning over 40 years. At age 22, Alan joined an American personal development organization and by the age of 26, he was the company’s national training facilitator, conducting training and consulting throughout Australia, the USA and Asia.

His life has taken him through many teachings, philosophies and spiritual paths, including the New Age (of which he was groomed to be a ‘Leader’ in), alternative religions and the occult. Alan’s subsequent disillusionment with each of these paths eventually led him to a personal relationship with Jesus Christ as His Lord and Savior 28 years ago discovering Jesus as “The Way, The Truth and The Life” – John 14:6.

Alan is a gifted teacher and prophetic strategist who brings a unique and powerful influence, not only to the corporate world and non-profit organizations, but also to churches throughout the Body of Christ. Alan is the founder of Kingdom Business Ministries, a ministry organization dedicated to equipping and empowering the Body of Christ.

Alan is also the founder of Alan Strudwick Consulting Inc. A successful strategic Consulting firm to the business world. Alan carries a unique skill-set and giftings coupled with a prophetic anointing, bringing influence to the corporate world and non-profit organizations. Alan has worked with a variety of corporate clients and non-profit organizations globally.

Alan’s strong leadership skills empower management, pastors, staff and congregations. His passion is to lead individuals and businesses towards the realization of their full potential and identified purpose. His vision is to see the marketplace influenced for Christ. His approach to understanding and interpreting identified needs under the guidance of the Holy Spirit allows him to bring innovative and prophetic strategies with powerful results.

Alan and his wife Anne-Marie are experienced ministers, having birthed and pastored two churches, travelled internationally as itinerate Ministers, served on several church and ministry Boards and lectured in several Bible colleges. Alan and his wife Anne-Marie have 3 adult children and 4 grandkids. They currently reside in Calgary, Canada, USA.

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    19 replies to "This Book Has Deceived Many Believers"

    • Luz Torres

      Amen! So on target, for I had seen the deception working on people I know nd claim to be Jesus followers ! Thank you!

    • Kellie Asher

      Glad people are talking about this! I was deceived by this thinking it was christian and was in a prayer group using this book – it seemed harmless mentions Jesus so seems good on the surface……noone plainly tells you this is a channeled book, But when you go deeper its anti-christ – it revises the meaning of the crucifixion basically saying it didnt even need to happen – thats when my ears pricked up and said what is this?? Lots of celebrities follow this – Oprah etc these quotes are everywhere

      This book comes on strong with truth then twists a lie -exact meaning of – 2 Corinthians 11:14

      Thanks for sharing this – This is a course of deception – more people need to know

    • Tammy Hartley

      And isn’t it interesting that there is such an uptick on the paranormal and UFO sightings. Even the government released some of its documentations and videos on UFOs. Boy if this isn’t a setup. Thanks again for a great teaching.

    • Deepuck Rughoobur


    • Julia Shalom Jordan

      Thank you for warning us.🤍

    • Sylvia Davidson

      Thankyou Alan Strudwick, for the truth. I’ve come across the most subtle and wicked deception in the church. Hallelujah for you. 💎💎💎

    • Esie Munango

      When I became born again Christian, I joined a pentecostal prophetic church. Whenever the prophet was preaching he will say : if you are quite, the spirit of God can not move. First I believe him and we will go out of our way to make noise.
      After service I will wonder what the preach was all about? Asking my fellow member friends you could not get for sure answer.
      I thank God Almighty for taking me out of that church.

      Then, later I started to wonder how will I hear , understand and learn he is preaching.
      Later, I sat down and think what they were doing in the church, selling lots of different things ( by then called anointed materials) to make money.

    • CC

      I think Jesus Speaks is not a good book either. That book has a lot of Christian’s deceived as well for a very long time.

    • Rushan Rozi

      Another US pastor predicted world would end in 2012, Hollywood even produced a movie "2012," When my son and me were about to return to Australia from USA, a Jewish friend came to our home to say goodbye to us, showed us that movie. In that movie, a Black US president was running to China in flood, defeated. At That time, Obama was US president.

    • Rushan Rozi

      Seven Days Adventist church itself is built based on their unfulfilled prophesy in early 20th century in America. The founder predicted Jesus' 2nd coming but it didn't come true, so he founded SDA. That itself is sarcastic.

    • Rushan Rozi

      Plus Fake Chinese pastor Dr Gene Kim also stalked me online, first on Facebook, signing himself in from Queensland, Australia in 2015, mixing in New Zealand and Australian anti-Church child abuse groups, talking about catholic church child abuse. He then stalked me on YouTube with BBC International posting fake Bible teaching, such as Satan has a son, Jesus married to a Black woman, cats and dogs are devils etc. He attacked top Christian pastors too like Billy Graham.

      You mean your Christians support such lies? Worship Chinese money, Chinese government?

    • Rushan Rozi

      Kidnapping a mother's child, on behalf of Chinese government, to prevent her from helping her people to fight against Chinese government genocide of her families, people, to stonewall her during such time has anything to do with God or with Fascism? Shame on you for covering everything up in the name of God.

      Don't use gaslighting to fool me. After kidnapping my son in February 20q5, Melbourne Children's Court appointed Psychiatrist Nardine Borg strongly advised Court to never return my son, keep drugging me to kill both of us disguised in natural death via extreme exploitation, such as using my son for medical experiments to treat cancer and alzemier's diseases, to use me for everything, eg stealing my intelectual properties that's worth trillion dollars, made many movies, theatrical shows, books, such as "Dining With Desident," "Aladdin Junior," "Troy's Besiege," by Australia, "Nomad Land," by Hollywood directed by a Chinese Woman who was never able to make in to Hollywood, finally used my own stories by debasing it to make her career.

    • Robert Brucefan

      It's simple. Believe in Christ and Him only. Listening to people attack Him is nothing.

    • Paulette Thompson

      Allan, a member of my family has been reading and meditating on a writing called Jesus Letters. They are supposed to be 'letters' dictated by Christ through the mind of his anonymous channeller who was told by Christ to be known only as the Recorder. The purpose was to focus on Christ only as being the true author and inspirer.” Have you come across them?

    • Dick Swanson

      Thank You God. 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    • Chimotoki Katojikutakika

      I'm done sitting tight for the award advance since i acquire$23,000 every 12 days of my investment.

    • Jonathan Diamond

      Hello brothers and sisters. I am a born again believer in our Lord for many years. My mother has a new age background and she bases alot of her beliefs in Jesus and beliefs in general from the Course in Miracles. I showed her that it was mind control and she us still stuck in that false belief.

      Can you all please pray that my mother is released from this deception. She doesn't know Jesus as Lord. She believes he was a master of love.

      Please use spiritual warfare. I am in great need of help. I asked God to help me show her the truth but everytime we end up getting into a major argument. She won't let me talk about Jesus to her because she thinks I am a Bible Thumper. She has made fun of me and it hurts. Please help!!! Thanks!!!

    • David Veltmeyer

      Divine intervention, deliverance & protection for me, my sister Natalie, her Kistemaker family in Ontario, my mother Ana, my brothers James & Henry & their Veltmeyer families in California & Ecuador soccer team, Ecuador soccer player👌 Byron Castillo from the demonic spells and evil intentions, curses, witchcraft of the 👎 toronto evil doers and the toronto satanic people of the devil & evil canadians & evil people from chile. I 💪need complete healing in the left side of my neck from thyroid problems, Divine wisdom, 👍 increase of knowledge for me & my family and Ecuador soccer coach Gustavo Alfaro, bring my bunny pet Snowball, God bless you abundantly.

    • Matthew Scott

      🔥🙏Who Cares what the Liberals think🙏🔥

      Funny how every left leaning liberal wants to offer their opinion on Roe versus Wade

      I don’t give a flip about their opinion

      As a Born Again believer, I care what God thinks and feels

      The shedding of innocent blood (children) is an abomination to a Holy God

      But not with the LGBTQ, media, motion picture, sports industry, corrupt politicians, education and virtually every other godless industry

      I don’t care

      I’m not looking for the opinion/ approval of man, rather the opinion/approval of God

      Man your ways are not Gods ways. I say that with understanding that you are fooled by Satan, self and sin

      I know you can’t see correctly, Romans 1: 18-32 clearly indicate your reprobate and deluded human mindset

      I get it

      Your stupid to biblical truth

      But my free will doesn’t have to submit to your satanic world view. I know this offends you but I don’t care

      You have had 50 years and 70,000,000 child sacrifices

      Time is change

      Deal with it, while the hypocrite left speak of free choice, they forget that about half don’t see the world as they do.

      Conservatism isn’t perfect, far from it, but clearly on most biblical differences, God opposes the democratic s version of truth

      I know your blind to this, I get it, but just because your blind, doesn’t make it true

      Mans ways are not Gods ways

      Now you have 2 free will choices to make

      1) Stay the way you are, and receive eternal punishment


      2) Repent, and surrender to Gods, word, ways and Jesus

      Note to OSAS, you don’t say you love God and live in Sin

      So you get to decide what to choose

      Isn’t that great

      The choice in Abortion is

      A) a live baby
      B) a dead baby

      Of course depravity says it’s a glob of cells


      A glob of cells that in 9 months becomes a human life, but you get to decide if that child lives or dies

      That’s way above your pay grade

      God is the author of life, only he decides when it ends

      In closing, sadly anyone who still chooses to abort their child can hop on a plane to the west coast and still kill their child

      It will be legal there.

      But all must stand before God one day.

      Repent or Perish 🔥🔥🔥

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