Bob Larson reveals the dark truth about yoga, and why no Christian should ever practice it.
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This episode originally aired in 2006. Stay tuned for more It’s Supernatural! Classics from our It’s Supernatural! archive!

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    20 replies to "THIS is Why NO Believer Should Practice Yoga!"

    • Seegan Paul

      Sid I practiced wing-chun as a kid. Before I became a pastor. and I was so much into it and then my father WHO’s into deliverance chased the yipman out of me. He didn’t know who yipman was. So tell me what fitness technique is best to stay fit??
      Kindly don’t say fasting and eat less.

    • Twiggy H.

      I have a neighbor who says she’s Christian. Her family was under great spiritual attack and I started asking questions. Turns out, she’s into yoga and hypnosis. I said that she needs to get rid of that and to pray. She got really angry with me and called me fearful and attacked my relationship with Jesus. I had to cut ties because it got bad. Please pray for this neighbor. She needs to get this darkness out of her life.

    • Rose Vibar

      This is good talk for many others to be aware of and family to know…God’s love and blessings in Christ Jesus mighty name amen 🙏🏻 🌈♥️😇

    • Unique Friend

      Your guests stink of fake.

    • Scott Johnson

      Anything you don't understand is of the devil.

    • Ron B

      Amen! How do you convince family not to do yoga? I won't even use the yoga mats for exercises and other floor visits. 73

    • Neihoihting Gangte

      I'm from India🇮🇳 I'm Christian I never do yoga because I know yoga is demons things

    • Elda Pucci

      It is a safe practice if used for exercise, and flexibility. Not prayer.

    • Jasmin

      I didn’t have a base of Christianity from second grade up when my grandma passed I didn’t have family that instilled Christ. So I searched myself and demons found me. I practiced yoga used crystals to block my anxiety depression and feeling others feeling I was so overwhelmed since I was a small child when around other people. I literally felt people were sad happy depressed and so on I ate Tums as a child. So when I found a way to not feel it I thought finally I can just feel my feelings. I opened a window to everyone’s demons it seemed tho so many things I didn’t understand happened I couldn’t as anyone for guidance no one I knew experienced what I had. I thought it was good until Christ grabbed me the Holy Spirit took me and showed me Christ is the way. I excepted Jesus Christ in my heart as my savior and said there is no other. I threw away my crystals I stopped yoga and searching for why I had so many abilities even as a child.

      The night of truly saying Christ is the way My son was in an unexplained car accident he was 18. My heart feels the devil took my son punishing me for turning my back on the crystals and giving demons life. I thought it was healing me I didn’t know. Now my son has a 19th birthday on April 6th we do not get to celebrate with him. I didn’t know.

      God has given me strength he’s carrying me and healing me.

      I feel people need to learn how dangerous that way of living is. What can happen when you stop believing and truly live through Christ.

    • Douglas Anderson

      He’s correct completely! I have known Bob for 30 years this man shatters the darkness with the truth!

    • D Z

      My people perish due to lack of knowledge…………………..

    • rhondajo3

      I no longer watch TV, and no longer watch the news. I am a happier person. I just pray.

    • Lizzy

      I know people who are Christians who try to justify their yoga by saying they dedicated it Jesus. They're Deluded and Deceived.

    • Lupita Cajero

      If you accept favors from the devil, you set yourself up against God Almighty and side with His enemy. Then the devil wants your soul for the payment of the tiniest favor; stay away from mediums, sorcery, witchcraft, saying, chapman's, martial arts. In addition, getting involved in any type of darkness/occult will bring you tragedies, until you repent and return to God. Satan wants to destroy everyone and only Jesus can deliver you. Don't mess with darkness; always turn to Jesus for help.

    • Roselyn Ratnam


    • Lupita Cajero

      I've always had an ABERRATION FOR YOGA, and I didn't even know what Yoga was about. Thank you Lord.

    • Lupita Cajero


    • Lupita Cajero

      This gentleman is awesome and very-well learned on Yoga purpose aligned withe the demonic. Anyone interested in hearing about more demonic possessions; look up the world's No. 1 exorcist, Fr. Gabriel Amorth, also Fr. Fortea.

    • rxch_gcko

      The western world redefined and messed up the whole purpose of yoga. If you want the true meaning of yoga, seek it out from the origins, don't trust 3rd parties to draw conclusions for you. If you want the truth, seek it and find it and draw your own conclusions instead of being led around like mindless bodies.

    • Rene Oosthuizen

      Honestly if it's not judging the supernatural it's judging Yoga there are thousands if not millions of people who practice Yoga on a daily basis it's not some demonic meditation it's either a physical activity or a way for mental health to be treated if demons truly wanted people doing Yoga they'd be possessing thousands of humans across the world right now don't get me wrong I'm a believer of Christianity myself but I've met and heard of too many Christians misjudging strange things for demonic behavior or entities and it annoys me to the core Humans it's scientifically proven that it's in Human nature to fear what we do not understand wich leads to people like Christians or any other modern day person misjudging a unnatural activity or event for something evil or satanic all I'm saying here is don't be a blind sheep that follows the shepherd too willingly or it might just end up leading the flock into the den of a predator

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