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    21 replies to "THIS is Why You're NOT Healed"

    • Sid Roth's It's Supernatural!

      ▶▶Watch the full episode here: https://youtu.be/cWnHOBnwb90

    • Amethyst💜Jay


    • pancake man 116

      Jesus Christ is Lord! ❤️, Everyone watch out read the Bible yourself, these people and networks twist the truth for profit

      and sidroth I have to rebuke your whole show
      You and these networks are an enemy to the church and the lies of you and this network must be avoided
      False prophets are not cool so please don't be deceitful for money and gain from your books etc.
      Even to the people who collab with sidroth
      This show is NOT COOL, twisting the doctrine of Christ into your own version of falsehood by sly deceit and lies
      By promotion of your books for profit etc.

      To everyone even sidroth:
      Please watch out for false prophets and sidroth you are an incredible man! ❤️, No hate to you at all, it's just what I hate is the twisting of the doctrine of Christ into a show of falsehood and lies and fraud

      It's not cool but to sid and the people who collab and the crew you are amazing people!
      It's just the sin
      The sin in me and you
      But please don't go down the road of false prophet it's not cool please seek Jesus Christ in the scriptures and you will find him ❤️💯

    • Amy Huntington

      What a way of describing it! Fantastic!

    • Kat G

      Exactly🤗 The Lord recently warned me & said "Not to think in the Worldly".. well shortly after that I began helping someone in details to relocate, & suddenly the temptations of buying myself Things I did not need became a strong delusion, an obsessive search to replace what I already have🤯.. then 🤔 I remembered God's warning🎁 🫣 PHEW 😂..
      "Praise God for His Wisdom"



    • Helen Merrill

      How can this help? I've been a Christian for 40 years ! I nknow Jesus is inside me I know I have the mind of christ I know Jesus is my lord I'm no longer under the curse of Sin

    • Jenna

      In a post-pandemic world, Christians are pretty feckin' ballsy to bring up the topic of healing. Where were you these 30 months while millions were dying? You hid in our house like everybody else, dutifully reading right over Matthew 10:8, and complaining that you couldn't go to church to see your friends and get your weekly dose of group-think.

    • Brandon “Breeze” Dawson

      Isaiah 26:3 says He’ll keep in perfect peace, those whose minds stay fixed on Him. Perfect peace is for every area of our lives. So I agree, if we keep it in our minds that we are in Christ and He’s in us, we’ll experience healing and restoration in all parts of our lives.

    • meversace

      Church teaches sin consciousness. "I'm a sinner saved by Grace", not I'm the Righteousness of God in Christ Jesus. Oh they may say the second one, but they concentrate on the first. When you are saved, you are no longer living under the Law, you are now under Grace. Jesus took everything during his scourging, crucifixion, death, and Resurrection. He said "It is Finished!" That includes all healing. We need to teach on the fullness of the Finished Works of Jesus because we concentrate too much on the ten steps to this or that in our pulpits rather than seeing ourselves through the Finished Works of Christ.

    • louis wall

      Please send video full

    • MoonlightCat

      i don’t understand

    • Release The Captives - Christine Weber

      I thought Jesus became the curse? The curses for disobedience don’t apply anymore?


      HeartHugs 🫀 Revelation Of God … I warned you and warned you then warned you again to Repent and Confess that IAM the Lord your God then and only then would I save you from all of your troubles. UNFORTUNATELY IAM NOW EMOTIONALLY UNAVAILABLE! I don't care anymore. Y'all expect me to King myself? Why should I service myself? That's what I created you for. Keep all the resources and all the money that you all have stolen from me. I'll just take back my oceans, land, and both of my heirloom's (heir & air) God is only in the business of treating the people how they continuingly treat him. Since Jesus Christ is dead to you, then you're dead to him. Period. HeartHugs 🫀 IAMGOD

    • Emlen Bankira

      I receive for my family total redemption by the precious blood of Lord Jesus Amen Hallelujah 🔥 Fire 🔥 from INDIA 🇮🇳

    • Peace Withers

      Pastor Chad always amaz us.. Through his revaluation.

    • Mark Tittle

      Cursed is he that puts their trust in man,not wholly in God.
      On Human dependence on humans as a respecter of persons.

    • Youtube Account

      Under $25,000 a year and haveing to survive and $200,000 a year and they get $600 in tax relief.

    • fonzie886

      You get there via being filled by/with the Holy Spirit. How do you get filled? You surrender to the Holy Spirit completely in mind, soul, body, and spirit. Complete surrender isn’t easy. Not an easy choice. And the Holy Ghost will know if you really mean it. You can’t deceive Him at all.

    • David D

      Another step up faith wise.
      How to get there is the question.



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