Our God can use a statue to lead us to Him. And that’s exactly what happened to Lonnie Lane.
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This episode originally aired in 2006. Stay tuned for more It’s Supernatural! Classics from our It’s Supernatural! archive!

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    23 replies to "This Statue Led Me to Jesus!"

    • Hope A

      Today's Jewish are all white which I can't understand.

    • Patricia Mudzingwa

      Amen In Jesus name 🙏

    • Obey Yeshua or Go To Hell

      When there are No GOD’S Laws to Obey, then there is No Sin, if there is No Sin, then there is No Judgment and if there is No Judgment then there is No Need for A Judge because there are No GOD’S Laws for THE JUDGE to judge from.

      To The Christians who by the same trinity lie belief are really Catholics, To ALL Jews and To ALL Christ Rejecters, To Them ALL there are No GOD’S Laws to Obey, so there is No Sin, No Judge, and No Judgment, so then there is no need for forgiveness and no need for a blood sacrifice for forgiveness, so if there is no need for a blood sacrifice for forgiveness, then there is no need for Yeshua Mashiach.

      NOT OBEYing GOD’S Laws is Sin.

      BREAKing GOD’S Laws is what Sin is.

      The Yeshua Mashiach New Covenant Good News is that We Are Forgiven for Breaking GOD’S Laws.

      Now We ALL Must GO Forward Forgiven and STOP Breaking GOD’S Laws.

      Now We ALL Must GO Forward Forgiven and Sin NO MORE.

      Yeshua Mashiach Warned us..

      1. Matt 7 ‘23

      2. John 5 ‘14

      3. John 8 ‘11


      1. Exodus 20 ‘5 – 6

      2. Leviticus 17 ‘11

      3. Isaiah 52 & 53

    • Angela Kharono

      I hear the devil ask questions about things in me,sometimes it is just suggestions and immediately JESUS CHRIST gives me answers that amuse me and I laugh 😂 out loud 💪

    • Jehova Alvarado

      Hi sid there is this boy named moses in africa had an accident with tractor got badly hurt he survived but at a great cost he is rotting alive his leg u can see the bone he is suffering they dont have money i got touched so lets pray for the lord the heal his leg so people can see the wonderful glory of god unfortunately i don't know how to send pics here or i would send young Moses is picture to see lets prey for the power pf healing for young moses is leg the channel a seen it in is called THE CONTROVERSY7

    • Myra Ambita

      Pray for my eldest son for healing and salvation in Jesus Christ name Amen!

    • Maricar Burgos


    • Flora Ann Callaway

      I do believe in Christ Jesus is the messiah the son of the living God 🙏

    • Josefine Inghram

      Glory to God Jesus Christ. Amen 🙏

    • David Veltmeyer

      Divine, God favor, wisdom, deliverance for me & my sister Natalie and her Kistemaker family in Ontario, my mother Ana, my brothers James & Henry and their Veltmeyer families in California from the demonic spells & evil intentions and curses, witchcraft of the toronto evil doers, the toronto satanic people of the 🤘 devil and evil canadians. Increase of knowledge and divine protection, intervention for Ecuador soccer 😇 team & Ecuador soccer player Byron Castillo & Ecuador soccer coach wins in the courts of fifa including tas from the evil demands of evil 😈 chile soccer team, very wicked Brazilian lawyer eduardo carlesso. 🙏God bless you abundantly.

    • Janna Moore

      Amen.Praise the Lord. All glory to Him

    • Marsha

      I'm not Jewish so I guess that makes me a Gentile.??. I was raised a Southern Baptist. I love JESUS and I know he's my Father my savior!!! Amen!!

    • Marsha

      !Amen! Can't wait to see Jesus!!

    • Karin S. Landers

      Amen amen 🙏🏼💜
      Praise Jesus 🙌🏼💜

    • MrArtist1971

      The statue? Interesting, an idol leading you to idol worship. 🤣



    • Divya Chacko

      Is this a repeat?

    • Grace Morgan

      She is special.

    • Linda Woolard

      Always happy to hear testimonies of JEWISH people becoming Believers in Jesus – just really blesses me – really every salvation is a miracle if I think about it.

    • Ajessm Aj

      This was an excellent and moving interview. Lonnie sought God with all her heart and He answered her. That's all we have to do; seek God with all your heart and He will answer

    • lalita ungamootoo

      Praying for the Jewish people to know their messiah

    • Kimber Lee

      I don’t think I should have cried that much, but what a powerful story ❤️

    • Prof. Emmanuel Ekanem

      Yes, He still speaks to His own, even to a wretched Gentile saved by grace like me. I hear Him regularly through His word, the still small voice, visions of Him ,dreams and many other ways. He is so loving, so forgiving and so patient. In Him is fulfilled the proclamation, the Lord, the Lord God, merciful and gracious, long-suffering, full of goodness and truth. I pray that more Jews will come to know Jesus. Salvation is of the Jews, Jesus said. Why should they miss it? It aches.

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