Do you need healing (physical, emotional, mental)? This is your healing invitation from Holy Spirit!
▶▶Supernatural Interventions & Healing Rivers [Book & 4 CDs]:

The God of miracles is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Supernatural Interventions is an up close account of God’s world of miracles. Judy Brooks learned it belonged to her too. Are you willing to go there?

From cover to cover, Judy gives powerful accounts of God moving in an ordinary life. Her heart is to show you that:

• You too can triumph over challenges of all shapes and sizes
• You too can know miracles in your own life and family
• You too can be God’s instrument for miracles in the lives of others

Judy’s 3-CD Supernatural Interventions audio series includes:

• The Unshakeable Power of Forgiveness
• Building an Altar to God
• How to Walk in Financial Abundance

Judy prays impartation over you at the end of each teaching. Judy reminds you this is not a fairytale account. It is about living out the Word of God in your life. She includes Healing Rivers (Sid Roth, Janie DuVall) which helped her receive a major miracle.

▶▶Supernatural Interventions & Healing Rivers [Book & 4 CDs]:

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    22 replies to "This Video is Your Healing Invitation from Holy Spirit"


      I had two children and I'm a single mother I struggle to provide their needs and I had two to three abortion so now I'm asking my God Lord Jesus Christ to forgive me in JESUS mighty Name Amen

    • Dorothy Matthews

      Wow! This was so powerful! Thank you both ladies for being so authentic! Many more blessings to the both of you!

    • 🌟Read my ABOUT section PLEASE🌟

      GOD be with us all 🙏🙏🙏

      Please continue pray for me and my family. 🙏🙏🙏 We're literally down to our last cent and badly need miracles so that we can pay our pastdue rental, waterbill and get my pappa's meds. 🙏 We've been at the rock bottom for a long time, that its badly affecting us mentally and even emotionally. 💔
      Thank you and GOD bless you. ❤️

    • Magdalene Booysen

      I struggle with fear anxiety worry insomnia it began when my sons become rebels its 30 years and I'm getting worse and on deppression and sleeping tablets please help

    • Cat Harmony

      Oui, chui pas sûre… ils veulent que je restes privée comme avant? Ou ? …

    • joseph galasso

      Sometimes gift of healing exaggerated not complete healing that I don't understand! I know one guy who grew back 7 feet of small intestine but still has hernia patches and bowel issues same happened to me was paralyzed was not supposed to walk but I do with much pain and bowel issues metal in neck. I need a a Dolores Winder Kathryn Kulman type creative complete miracle! You don't see much of those today, People have to tell the truth and not exaggerate healing God does not like liars. Right?

    • The Gidraff's

      I had to repent for me and my 2 exes' cause of abortion. Thank you Jesus for forgiving us

    • Red Q

      In the new testament I can't recall reading about the Apostles using alters. Should we be doing blood sacrifice too?

    • Ann Waller

      I also had an abortion in my 20’s and I supported each one of my daughters in an abortion. It was all because of fear. I feared having another child and I feared for my daughters to have a child without a husband and financial stability. The fear of not being able to care for the child as well as to mentally and emotionally unable to deal with it. I did know the sin of those decisions, but I did it anyway because I felt God was not there for me as it was.
      It does take faith to make it through pregnancy as well as the ability and blessing to care for that child afterwards. We can do nothing without God. I did not know how to trust God nor did I have enough faith to trust God to help us through.
      I have always had an issue with trust. With God, patience works with trust in Him that He will provide and make things work out for us. I still battle the patience, but He has been faithful in situations throughout my life that I had no control over because that was His way of making me know that all because I accepted Jesus and was forgiven, that he continued to lead and help me through with that cleansing and forgiveness even when I just had a mustard seed of faith. He is the one who made that mustard seed of faith grow over time with His continued favor and help in my times of need. I teach my daughters the same, that they must trust God no matter what because he will intercede where there is no other way. He will send information and people our way and make favor and help come forth where there was none because He also works through the hearts of others for that given moment to make it happen for you.
      Trust Him, He will make a way where there is no way because He is God and He cares for you, your pregnancy, your children, your finances, your whole life. You will not know His great works until you trust him. Then keep a journal of all the little and big things He did to fix what you needed fixed and helped where you needed help because when you deal with another situation, those blessings you wrote down will remind you to hold on and how to hold on, that just as He was there for you then, He is there for you now.
      He will give you the strength you need to make it through every part of the process and journey.
      Let trust in God with the blood of Jesus be the seed to journey with Him from. The blood of Jesus, Lamb offering of God, is what set us free from sin and shame, so start over and over and over again with that shamelessness He gave you. Glory be to the Father God who gave us Jesus.

    • Rekha A


    • Ann Waller

      There needs to be more attention to Jesus, not just communion, because many who may be Muslim and of other religions as well as new to God can only be free by first knowing who Jesus is and how communion follows that. Jesus needs to be known that clear in every service for the sake of new hearers of that truth and reminded, and it planted firmly in us like a rock, from whom the river of life and all blessings flow.
      There is power in the name of Jesus, so the more we give of him, we give the flow of blessings to overtake us. The Holy Spirit came by that name and continues to flow through that name as we declare the whole truth of Jesus with it. Glory be to God in doing so, because that is His will.
      I’m disgusted with ministries that do not lift up the truth of Jesus Christ from God Almighty regularly. I have nothing to do with their ministry because only through Jesus and that truth can the power of God flow. God’s power flows through Jesus.
      Those who get angry about hearing about Jesus on a regular basis have sin and demons in them that they need to be free of by and through declaring who Jesus is on a regular basis.
      Devils hate the truth that will set us free and he will discourage it in any way he can which is the reason to do it more in order to rebuke him and keep him away so all can be healed and blessed with that truth. Amen❣️

    • Kenneth Harlem

      Hallelujah, thank You Jesus 🙌🏼

    • David Veltmeyer

      Divine intervention, deliverance & protection for me, my sister Natalie, her Kistemaker family in Ontario, my mother Ana, my brothers James & Henry & their Veltmeyer families in California & Ecuador soccer team & Ecuador soccer player Byron Castillo from the demonic spells and evil intentions, curses witchcraft of the toronto evil doers, the toronto satanic people of the devil & evil canadians and evil chile soccer team & evil brazilian lawyer eduardo carlesso. 🙏 for divine wisdom & increase of knowledge for me & my family, Ecuador soccer coach Gustavo Alfaro & I need fully healing in my neck from thyroid 😈 discomfort, God bless you abundantly, 🙏amen

    • Eric Giordano

      Around 13:30 it’s true we need to repent of our sins but 1 John 1:9 says this 1John 1:9 NKJV 9. If we confess our sins, He is faithful and just to forgive us our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.

    • judy raymond

      Hello from Texas!!! God Bless and Love All!!!

    • Pamela Campbell

      Thank you and God Bless.Thanks, Praise ,all Power,dominion , all Glory be unto our God ADONI in the name above All Names YESHUIA Homasheia JESUS Amen.

    • Mousey Miller

      I STILL TRUST YOU LORD! My faith is what is getting me through my hard situation. I’m struggling to providing for my two autistic children since losing my job over declining the vaccine. I declined due to my pre existing health condition (Lupus) and Heart disease. I was denied my medical/religious exemption from Forsyth Hospital. I post my story all over to spread awareness of what mandates are doing, not just to myself but to many other christian families. My husband passed away three years ago, I’m a single mother. I’m all alone. Both of my sons are non verbal so things are very hard on me. Every month is a struggle, a battle to not end up on the streets. I was so depressed and embarrassed by my situation. BUT because of my faith, God shows up every month and provides. THANK YOU FATHER! He has even sent strangers to help me. Even as I face homelessness with two young children seemingly every month! I know that God will provide. Thank you Jesus. I BELIEVE!

    • Diane Temengil

      Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thank YOU, LORD, for YOUR forgiveness.

    • Terry Schmitt

      Jessie Stop saying WoW ;0)

    • Cking Of Error$ & Varietie$ Brennan

      Always stay with me my Lord never leave me I love God so so much I can’t wait to run to Jesus & hug him +++

    • Adlih Kristopher

      This is the day that the lord has made let us rejoice and be glad in it Amen 🙏🙌🌝

    • Adlih Kristopher

      Holy spirit of God saturate me with his presence always Amen 🙏🙌

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