When Church of Satan founder, Anton Lavey decided to mess with a group of Spirit-filled believers, he instantly regretted it…

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      For those who are asking about Anton Lavey's time of death, this quote from an article should help clear it up. "Family members said Mr. LaVey died Oct. 29, but for some reason his death certificate lists him as having died Oct. 31 — Halloween. Deepening the mystery, the family said they kept his death secret for a week in order not to distract his followers over their most important holiday season."

    • WE AWAKEN!

      No words can describe my respect and admiration for this couple, this kind if people ought to be leaders for humanity!

    • Cheryl Dreyer

      We thank God for bringing this lady to this family to help with deliverance from the Satan to do such work u must have strong faith in God they are truly blessed 🙏🙌 😇 ❤

    • Brandon aaron

      The Lord says, " ALL power is subject unto me" therefore the power Satan posses is subject onto the Lord Jesus Christ, the holy spirit and God.. the holy Trinity..

    • Kevin Reichert Sr

      I’m in Chico, I’d have to hit you up!

    • Daniel Ofori Owusu

      Glory To Almighty God

    • Ssebaggala Asaph Junior

      What God cannot do, doesn't exist

    • Roger Gibson

      That was thee most courageous and moving testimony I do think that I've ever heard. Thank you. I'm so happy to find out that we have power over evil like that. GOD BLESS YOU and your lovely WIFE, PRAISE GOD for people like you two, and those who helped you

    • Ruthie Cardwell

      Such a powerful testimony of fighting in the spiritual battle. We WIN with our Lord and Savior!!! There is power in the name of Jesus Christ!!! God bless you and your family for all eternity 🙏

    • SuperRodcam

      People don't forget that the earth is the Lord Jesus Christ's and the fullness thereof and all they that dwell therein,
      . For it is written, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bow to me, and every tongue shall confess to God.”
      That is even the knee of satan.

    • Keh-Dalia

      This really touched me because of their love and devotion! What an incredible unspeakable gift they were!!! God bless them SOOO MUCH!!! I really wish we had more spiritual fathers, mothers, sisters and brothers in the church, who are really acting like it. This was healing for me to hear and gave me hope, cuz I went through so much hell in my life, and almost every church and christian I ever went to, I was rejected and treated like I was nothing, even treated horribly, even tho I asked for help, there was no help for me from the church. And it broke me so much, almost just as much as the hell I went through. I would have given anything to have a couple like this take me in and help me. To this day I don't see the church behaving with this kind of love and faithfulness, and it still breaks my heart, but this couple truly brought my heart some healing. The church now has become very weak, and I pray that the whole church would rise up in the strength of Jesus and the Holy Spirit to be faithful and full of real true love of Jesus!!!

    • Caroline Charlebois

      This is an amazing testimony 🙏🏼

    • Larry Lovings

      Alot of people don't know this but on his death bed right before he died he begged for a priest to come pray for him. She said she was there and whatever he was seeing he instantly knew he was wrong about all of it. The words he were saying was something is wrong this is all wrong or something like that. It was either his daughter or wife or sister or someone that was family. She was on some show in the 90s.

    • Larry Lovings

      I prayed the entire week leading up to Halloween and I started having strong feelings of suffocation. I believe strongly that I was being attacked by evil spirits. It felt like I was dying and no matter how much I breathed I couldn't get enough oxygen. It was scary and I'm still recovering today 2 days after.

    • che10

      Profound recounter, real life stories in the supernatural world that most of is who claim to be christians don't know, God help us during this trying end time days

    • John Massey

      Absolutely amazing testimony.

    • Raquel H

      This is amazing we serve the most powerful and wonderful God
      We have authority through the name and most powerful Jesus Christ

    • shalom Geoffrey

      All the other gods they are the works of men,He is the only All POWERFUL and All MIGHTY GOD 🙏

    • RLM

      This is extraordinary. These people are The Real Deal!

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